Monday, 17 November 2008

Day 2 Asansol .. part 2 - to the orphanage

Oppss ... this picture was supposed to be posted in the part where we stopped for tea on the way to Asansol .... you can see how "clean" the kitchen is ... ;)
After we have rested for a while after breakfast, we walked over to the orphanage..... consciously staying clear of the cow dung all over the road.
The orphanage is about 10 minutes walk.

An Indian lady hard at work carrying back firewood for cooking
The kids in their classroom

The kids performed a few songs for us ... and all of them are very talented.
Me the photographer for the trip :) and my friend as the camera man

Praying fervently
Managed to hang out with the kids after the performance .... they are so innocent. Most of them are unwanted kids and some are just picked up from the streets so that they can have shelter,food and a place to call home. Makes me thank God and appreciate the fact that I have a family and a place to call home.


Bengbeng said...

the pics really tell a story all by themselves. look at the kids. they look vulnerable n yet very street smart. i would have loved to be able to join a mission like this

Tracy said...

Welcome bcak to Malaysia! Those little children look smart and cheerful. Did they speak English with you or just body language?

Twilight Zone said...

The subjects in the photos are great with the kids' expressions. You looked more innocent than those kids lah. LOL

Victor Kiu said...

That's a meaningful event that i would loved to join too! Is that in India?

sbanboy said...

Going on missions is a life changing experience

Some of them spoke english ...the rest I had to sign language and go grab the translator to communicate :)

twilight zone

victor kiu
Thanks for dropping by
Yup it was very meaningful and yes I was in India :)