Friday, 14 November 2008

Day 1 : the day I took a flight to Kolkata

Nov 3rd Monday ... was the day I took a flight to Kolkata, India. It has been 8 years since I left in 2000 after I have completed my medical degree and internship in Manipal, India. It was nostalgia as I will flying back to the country was my home for 8 years when I was studying there ( pre uni and med school and internship ).

We all met at Pastor's house and one of the church mates drove us to KLIA in the church van. We decided to have a good meal of Burger Kings before we are stuck with chapatis, nans and parothas for nearly 2 weeks.

There were 5 of us in the team.
Catching the train to the terminal where we will be catching the flight to Singapore and then transit to Kolkata. We managed to get a good deal and flew on SIA. KLIA was quiet that day.

Lots of empty seats in the waiting place before we boarded the plane.
Landed in Singapore and lining up for the transit flight to Kolkata.
Yippee I get the chose what I wanna eat.
I decided to have the lamb stew.

The flight took about 4 hours and it was about midnight in Kolkata when we landed. We had to wait for the another team to arrive from USA at 1 am before we drove to Asansol, West Bengal.
Zonked out from the trip but still cant sleep yet.
More later when I get the pictures sorted out.



Bengbeng said...

catch up on yr work n post more. love to hear more abt yr trip

sbanboy said...

Yup m sorting out my pics and my thoughts about the trip