Monday, 17 November 2008

Back at work

Finally back at work ..... so many emails to read and so many deadlines to meet but I am happy .... coz the trip was worth it all. At least for now I know what I need to do for these next few months .... study the word of God, watch my diet and exercise so that I can walk around in my shorts in Bali in March 2009.

Ok back to work ;)


Twilight Zone said...

Happy Monday To You! You sound cheerful now.

Going Bali?

How nice!

Fable Frog said...

Ah~ March is a nice time to go to Bali~ and yes, you sound so cheerful on a monday~

sbanboy said...

twilight zone
Going in March 2009 :)

Really looking forward to it but I will be a lamp post la coz I am going with a couple before they get married ..hehe

fable frog
I figured I better be cheerful on Monday so that I can remain cheerful the rest of the week ...hehe

March is a good time ? Great !

Twilight Zone said...

Hello Tiang Lampu, you better get Lifebook go along so that when the couple go hold hands, you both go chill out at Hard Rock Cafe!

Fable, can you tell me why March is good month? I am curious la since they have no 4 seasons.

Chris said...

How come so dark geh?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Walk around in your shorts, just like those beach boys? Good luck.

sbanboy said...

twilight zone
yeah be lamp post loh ... nevermind I bring my nintendo ds along :)

wanted to try a dark theme and another reason was so that the pics can stand out ... did it work ?

Hmmm maybe I will still use my t-shirt :)