Monday, 27 October 2008

Washing frenzy

I have been on a washing frenzy after I inherited an old Zanussi washing machine from my sister. She just moved into a fully furnished house and she still has her 10 kg Toshiba washing machine. So I ended up donating my old washing machine and inherited the Zanussi washing machine from my sister.

I have always wanted a front loading washing machine where I can adjust the temp for washing and front loading washing machine is more gentle on the clothes..... so I have been washing the curtains, and whatever which had been washed in ages ...hehe ... now I hope the Zanussi wont break down on me due to excessive usage :)


day-dreamer said...

Don't torture it o! ;)

TZ said...

Bro, u r catching up lots of cleaning :-) hehehe. Guess what? I don't need to do any house chore... i have a maid that make my bed, wash my cloth... etc in Kampala, Uganda :-p

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Hehe ... zanussis are build to last ... and I hope it will last for me ...hehe

Yeah rub it in bro