Saturday, 4 October 2008

Finally back in Malaysia

It is amazing how time flies ... it was a great one week seeing my first niece ..... I was also able to catch up with World of Warcraft playtime ... leveled a couple of times.

LCCT Airport is as packed as ever but too bad that they have not upgraded their infrastructure to support the increase in passengers. We wanted to catch a cab back to Seremban but there are like 90 people waiting in line !!!!! Anyway thank God my brother in law and my sister came to the rescue ... so I am currrently waiting for them as they will pick us up from the airport and will stay overnight in Seremban.

One week was just nice and I am happy that I am back in Malaysia ... cant wait to go back to my apartment to do some cleaning up.

There is no place like home.


carcar said...

welcome home!~

i miss home too :(

TZ said...

Agreed... It's good to be home. I'm looking forward for month end :-) I wanna to be home ;-)