Monday, 27 October 2008

Early birthday celebration

It had been ages since I had celebrated my birthday. Over time it was just another day in my life. Last Sunday I was in for a pleasant surprise. After church, a group of us decided to have Japanese buffet at Alson Kelana, one of the hotels in Seremban. It has been ages since I was back in Seremban I did not realize that there was a Japanese buffet with all the sashimis, unagis, etc ...yummy. Kok Hon took me for a treat..... as he claims it was an early birthday treat ( my birthday is on Oct 31st ... ahem ahem).
I was not expecting a birthday cake !!!!! They were kind enough to just light one candle or else there wont be enough space on the cake to put all the candles. They dimmed the lights and started singing a birthday song. I was blushing with JOY! It had been ages since I made a wish .... so I made a wish while blowing out the candle.
I was never good in a crowd of people. I always preferred to hang out with a few close friends.... but today it was fun and it was great catching up with my friends. These are the special moments.
California roll with crunchy fish roe :)
Smoked salmon .... erm I was really whacking the unagi so I did not manage to take any photos of unagi.


[danial][ma] said...

hej! sbanboy...pre-birthday wish...happy birthday and may you have many happy returns in years to come...

day-dreamer said...

Happy "be-earlied" birthday! LOL.

And OMG, the fish roe is practically oozing out from the Californian roll... it must be good!

Chris said...

Wah... the cake looks so yummy...

sbanboy said...

danial ma
thanks bro

yup the california roll was heavenly

yup the cake was yummy but I gave the rest to my mom to share at work :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Hey there, better be early than late. Happy Birthday ya. Any big celebration planned?

YANZ said...

hi, fellow october baby!! =D
happy "be-early-ed" birthday to you!!

may the Lord bless u & keep u & make His face shine upon u =)

sbanboy said...

no celebration ... might end up dining alone on my bday :(

Thanks alot

doc said...

looks like i'm NOT one of the earliest after all!

Blessed Birthday!