Friday, 31 October 2008

20 years ago

** Picture above titled Forgiven by Thomas Blackshear ... my thoughts about this picture are very nicely shared by this blogger Brigit.

Every year, a day before my birthday I will think about the time when Someone came into my life and touched me in ways I never thought was possible ... and it was 20 years ago. How time flies. It was 30th October 1988, I was a teenager trying to figure out who I am ... the insecurities ... the uncertainty of life. I felt that no one will love me if they really saw what was inside of me. I felt like an outcast or a reject.... I walked around with a mask. Until Jesus came and broke down all the walls that I had built around my heart. I was guarding my heart so fiercely that when people told me of this loving God ... I did not believe them, when they threatened me about eternal damnation .. I still did not believe them. It was not what they shared or their threats which broke down my walls but it was Jesus Who would not let me go ... He kept wooing me with His love, His unconditional love. He loved me with no strings attached ... gently He broke down the walls that guarded my heart. He showed me that I can be myself with Him, that I can put down all my masks .. that He will not leave me even when He sees all that is inside of me ... He is not afraid of the real me .. what I am inside ..He held me close never letting me go.... and this unconditional love was what swept me off my feet and till today, the very thought of Jesus still makes my heart skip a beat. For He alone is the Lover of my soul and the God of ALL of me. The One who wears the crown on the throne of my heart. And this relationship will continue to grow each year until I finally see Him face to face.


Bengbeng said...

happy birthday. if we were in the same town i would invite u out to eat in some nice place n literally force u to eat until u explode hahahaha.. once again happy birthday :)

Bengbeng said...

i cannot treat u to a real meal. i have done the next best thing. i have dedicated a virtual meal for u at my blog :) enjoy.

fibrate said...

One day late...but happy birthday!!!