Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wanton cukup ah?

Nowadays I am able to have regular meals especially breakfast as I usually reach my work place at about 730 am and I will walk over to the shops across the street to have my meal. There is one shop where like the wanton char siew mee and they have the biggest juiciest meaty wanton dumplings I have eaten in a long time. There is only one problem with the shop ... it is a husband and wife business and the wife has a bad habit of scolding the customers. The food was tasty therefore I still see loads of people there :D

I usually like to order a small wanton mee and an extra bowl of just plan wanton dumplings. And she will usually ask a million questions as if asking for extra wanton dumplings was a sin or an odd request.

Chat with bad mood woman :

Woman : What you want to order ah ?

Me : one small wanton char siew mee and one extra bowl of wanton dumplings

Woman : Huh ? What ?

Me : one small wanton char siew mee and one extra bowl of wanton dumplings

Woman : You want to put the wanton on the mee or u want extra what ????

Me : one small wanton char siew mee and one extra bowl of wanton dumplings

Woman : Huh ? Why you want to order so much ? ( and stares at me up and down .... eye piercing indirectly telling me .. eh you better not eat so much )

Me : Yes that is my order .... please bring

Woman : Wait first lah.

Me : Ok ( have to say ok lah coz in my head I am already day dreaming about the meaty juicy wanton dumplings )

And everyday when I go there I will see the same drama ... people tapau also kena scolded by her ... our orders questioned again and again and yet we all still go there because of the mouth watering meaty juicy wanton dumplings and the grilled to perfection char siew .... oh man ... I am hungry again .... and I just went again for the wanton mee this morning and got the same questions from her again .... hahaha


TZ said...

Wow! the wanton mee must b very nice lor... Are you going to have your breakfast tomorrow morning too... :-p Maybe i should drive down to have breakfast with u :-)

I like Wanton Mee too but i might not be able to stand the services there... u need to order for me eh! Otherwise disaster might happen LoL...

Nkw@i said...

bad service but with delicious food...
hmm, what it located? XD

sbanboy said...

Come come come

In Jalan Pahang just across Hospital KL. It is the corner shop by the flyover

fibrate said...

Hey man, did you just have wanton mee with my husband? :D Yeah, he talks about the poor service all the time, but still raves about how good it is. It's the highlight of his Thursday mornings in HKL.

William H said...

wa.... ta pao one for me...
wanna try it tonight... haha

sbanboy said...

Yeah loh I met your husband ... yup service is bad but we still keep going ...hehe

william h
The shop close already loh

William H said...

you can ta pao now ma... :(