Friday, 26 September 2008

Supper at Restaurant LYG

Sorry could not get a better picture as the lights were not working on the sign board.

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting up with a food blogger who showed me a very nice place to have desserts in USJ Taipan. They also serve very nice curry chicken mee hoon.
Chicken curry mee hoon
Longan cold dessert
Mee hoon with yummy bull's eye egg


Jackson said...

yum yum.... u shoud try out their peanut dessert aka "fa shang tong shui"

William H said...

wa... how come no post his picture one... must post ma...

day-dreamer said...

OMG I just love the egg!!!

Happy weekend, sbanboy! :)

sbanboy said...

I will definitely give it a try when I am back :D

william h
He very shy woh

day-dreamer too

Nkw@i said...

haha, at least tell the name mah.... :P