Friday, 12 September 2008

Some night shots with Finepix F100FD

Just reached home after getting stuck in the jam for ages. I decided to try out some night shots with Fujifilm Finepix F100FD ( I sold off my Finepix F47FD to a close friend who wanted a 9 megapixel camera ) I just needed to top a bit to get the Finepix F100FD.

Snapped a couple of shots before packing my stuffs to go back to Seremban ..... can't wait to get home :)

Overall I am quite pleased with the night shots from such a small compact camera :)


Lifebook said...

Drive safe!! Enjoy!!

Nkw@i said...

hehe, nice shoot! shoot more shoot more, can? :D

[danial][ma] said...

hej! safely and enjoy your weekend with your regards to your parents...;-)

TZ said...

Awesome shots... did you use any tripod?

William H said...

drive safe oooo....

bring some mooncake back for us ooo..


BloggerTips said...

wow wow wow bro, actually before i got my SonyA200, i chose 100FD, but after all, still dslr better like urs 350D, haha,... I m michael, bro =)

sbanboy said...

Thanks :D

thanks alot ... yes I plan to shoot ... when can we go for a photography outing????

Already send your regards and I told mom when u r coming back.

Thanks alot ... I took it hand held :D

william h
Not many moon cakes this time ... we can always go out and buy some and celebrate :D

Yeah nothing can beat the dslr and nothing can beat the portability of compact cameras ... I feel that I am taking more shots with my compact than dslr coz I tend to leave my dslr at home unless I am on a photography trip. The compact camera is always with me :D