Sunday, 21 September 2008

Playstation 3 Launch and Raya Mood

It had been ages since I have gone to One Utama. I decided to go today since it was the official launch of Playstation 3 in Malaysia. The 120 units were grabbed up very fast.

People still lining up to buy the PS3
The 24 hour PS3 game marathon in progress :D
After checking out the PS3 launch I decided to walk around One Utama for awhile and the Raya Mood was all around.... there was a dance going on and I decided to take some pictures :D

Lovely colors ...... lots of gifts for the Raya Season
Lovely stage


Lifebook said...

Do you buy the PS3?

sbanboy said...

I did not buy the PS3 ... just wanted to see the launch ... besides I have a PS2 :D Got too many commitments at the moment to splurge on a PS3 ...maybe next year when the price drops or when I can play ahem ahem games on the PS3 :D

TZ said...

aiyo... i thot i could go to your place to play PS3 with you... :-p Anyway, the review of the latest PS3 is not that good.