Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Glorious Food and one of the reasons why I think I wanna move to Bangkok :D

This post is long overdue ... I have been busy enjoying the glorious food in Bangkok....erm especially PORK... I dont know how they make it ..but it is juicy and tender and melts when u bite it .... man I am drooling again .... and I think I wanna find a Thai girl and settle down in Bangkok so that I can have pork daily .... wah that is heaven.
Fried noodles with succulent pork
Fried kueh teow with pork of course
My all time favorite .... glorious PORK SAUSAGAES !!!!!!
This is my favorite .. pork sausage wrapped with bacon .... YUMMY !!!!!!
Fish ball noodles
Oyster in egg
Rice noodles with fresh prawns
Noodle soup with char siew
I am thinking of bring this back here ... luncheon meat with cheese .... I lost count how many I took...

Well my eating frenzy will have to end tomorrow as I will be flying back to Malaysia. I will miss my niece .. the extended family and especially the food ..... let's arrange a bloggers' food trip to Bangkok someday :D


day-dreamer said...


Don't you like other meat? :P

Nkw@i said...


Uncle Michael said...

This is very nice. Yummilicious man... anyway, don't move =)

fibrate said...

That's a seriously "porky" post LOL!

TZ said...

Good! Good!... they also have Fitness First in Bangkok... Food - Execise = Fat ... so u need to have Food + Exercise = Balance :-p

sbanboy said...

Yeah I life beef also ...hehe

Come let's go to Bangkok

uncle michael
Dont move ?? hehe .. hey what is the link to your blog :D

Yup a mega porky post :D ...hehe


TZ said...

Dude, When will be your next trip with nkw@i?... I wanna to join too... don't leave me out eh! :-p

Bengbeng said...

oh my goodness, the food looks soooooooooooooo good.