Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Day one of Bangkok

Day one of Bangkok

Airasia was on time and we landed 25 minutes earlier than scheduled. It was good that we arrived earlier because the airport was packed with tourist. We had to line up at the immigration counter for nearly an hour !!

My bro came to pick us up at the airport.

Since it was already afternoon ... we decided to have lunch first and the food in the airport is EXPENSIVE AND NOT NICE !
My bro proudly showing photos of Jerwei
Mom ordered chicken rice
I ordered pork rice ( I am addicted to pork )
The airport in Bangkok is HUGE!!!!
Pictures of the multi tiered car park
Yes they like to modify and dress up their vehicles also
GPS to the rescue .... and it was quite helpful .... the roads in Bangkok are forever jam packed with cars
The hospital which is designed like a hotel :D
The 7 eleven is well stocked with instant food .... amazing .... especially all the grilled pork rice ... yummy !!!!

The entrance of the hospital
Phyathai Hospital
7 Eleven
Was thirsty so I bought a mocha drink
Panadol ... they called it Sara .... panadol for the headache which started in the morning
The hospital is very nice .... the people there are all dressed so professionally ... and yes they provide free mineral water for all .. :D

Hmmm maybe I should ask my sis to fly over to Bangkok and deliver in this hospital ... hehe :D


kyh said...

Nice hospital! i always dread going to one (not that i want to, touch wood!) cos of the eerie white setting with all the unpleasant smell of medicines...

love the way their 7-11 look! why we cant hv the same here har....

day-dreamer said...

Why their 7-11 so cool?!?!?!

Bengbeng said...

blog more often about this trip. please. thought i better add in the word please lest i sound too rude and demanding :) post more pics. pics especially talk more than words :)

sbanboy said...

yeah ...... I like the 7-11 esp the food :D

yeah loh

Hehe ... no lah u r not rude ...thanks for reading my blog :D

Just put up some pics :D

Bengbeng said...

the mos memorable dish i had in Bangkok was the green curry. i can omos still feel it on the tip of my tongue now