Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Back to work

After going back to a lonely empty apartment ..... I am looking forward to work. I got up early and drove to work. I managed to read newspaper and had breakfast as I left for work quite early. I am learning so many new things and my responsibilities are growing more each day. And each I am seeing more of the politics and the way things are run at my working place.

Like my boss said ... he wants to throw me into an ocean and see whether I will drown or swim .... as for me I know I will float because by God's grace... I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. Amen.

I am doing so many things which I have never done before and these are totally different from what I am used to doing .... and I am finding it a challenge and it is interesting.

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TZ said...

Glad that you are looking forward for going to work everyday... this is a good sign... :-) Don't over work... u still need some social life eh! :-p

hehehe... as if i'm the expert. :-)