Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Glorious Food and one of the reasons why I think I wanna move to Bangkok :D

This post is long overdue ... I have been busy enjoying the glorious food in Bangkok....erm especially PORK... I dont know how they make it ..but it is juicy and tender and melts when u bite it .... man I am drooling again .... and I think I wanna find a Thai girl and settle down in Bangkok so that I can have pork daily .... wah that is heaven.
Fried noodles with succulent pork
Fried kueh teow with pork of course
My all time favorite .... glorious PORK SAUSAGAES !!!!!!
This is my favorite .. pork sausage wrapped with bacon .... YUMMY !!!!!!
Fish ball noodles
Oyster in egg
Rice noodles with fresh prawns
Noodle soup with char siew
I am thinking of bring this back here ... luncheon meat with cheese .... I lost count how many I took...

Well my eating frenzy will have to end tomorrow as I will be flying back to Malaysia. I will miss my niece .. the extended family and especially the food ..... let's arrange a bloggers' food trip to Bangkok someday :D

Day one of Bangkok

Day one of Bangkok

Airasia was on time and we landed 25 minutes earlier than scheduled. It was good that we arrived earlier because the airport was packed with tourist. We had to line up at the immigration counter for nearly an hour !!

My bro came to pick us up at the airport.

Since it was already afternoon ... we decided to have lunch first and the food in the airport is EXPENSIVE AND NOT NICE !
My bro proudly showing photos of Jerwei
Mom ordered chicken rice
I ordered pork rice ( I am addicted to pork )
The airport in Bangkok is HUGE!!!!
Pictures of the multi tiered car park
Yes they like to modify and dress up their vehicles also
GPS to the rescue .... and it was quite helpful .... the roads in Bangkok are forever jam packed with cars
The hospital which is designed like a hotel :D
The 7 eleven is well stocked with instant food .... amazing .... especially all the grilled pork rice ... yummy !!!!

The entrance of the hospital
Phyathai Hospital
7 Eleven
Was thirsty so I bought a mocha drink
Panadol ... they called it Sara .... panadol for the headache which started in the morning
The hospital is very nice .... the people there are all dressed so professionally ... and yes they provide free mineral water for all .. :D

Hmmm maybe I should ask my sis to fly over to Bangkok and deliver in this hospital ... hehe :D

Sunday, 28 September 2008

My niece !!!!!!

Introducing my niece !!!!! She is 3.1 kg ! And so adorable :D

Me the proud uncle ... who is gonna be broke lavishing her with gifts in the near future
Mom and my brother ( the father ) with my niece :D

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Awaiting for my flight to Bangkok

My brother just called in the morning to announce the birth of the first grand daughter in the family ........ I am currently in LCCT with my mom waiting to board the AirAsia flight to Bangkok. I will be there for a week to fuss over my first niece :D

I will be taking lots of picture. And it will be a good break for me and my mom ... brought a book to read and I also brought my macbook along hoping to play World Of Warcraft since my in laws have broadband connection.

I dont expect to be visiting alot of places but just hanging around with my family will be the main agenda of this trip.

Life is short and precious and fragile .... I must treasure all the time I can spend with family and loved ones.
Taken in MCD LCCT

Friday, 26 September 2008

Supper at Restaurant LYG

Sorry could not get a better picture as the lights were not working on the sign board.

Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting up with a food blogger who showed me a very nice place to have desserts in USJ Taipan. They also serve very nice curry chicken mee hoon.
Chicken curry mee hoon
Longan cold dessert
Mee hoon with yummy bull's eye egg

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dinner at Kim Gary

Kim Gary Restaurant is one of my favorite eating places .... the service is fast, the food is yummy and the price is reasonable. And I love the way they cook pork ...yup I am addicted to pork. Recently I went with 2 friends to have dinner there.
Unagi stone bowl rice .... wow the bowl kept the food HOT until I finished every morsel.
Pork with corn rice :D
And yes fried wanton .... :D
One of my friends.


I have always been amazed with sunrise and sunset ..... God's creation is amazing :D

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wanton cukup ah?

Nowadays I am able to have regular meals especially breakfast as I usually reach my work place at about 730 am and I will walk over to the shops across the street to have my meal. There is one shop where like the wanton char siew mee and they have the biggest juiciest meaty wanton dumplings I have eaten in a long time. There is only one problem with the shop ... it is a husband and wife business and the wife has a bad habit of scolding the customers. The food was tasty therefore I still see loads of people there :D

I usually like to order a small wanton mee and an extra bowl of just plan wanton dumplings. And she will usually ask a million questions as if asking for extra wanton dumplings was a sin or an odd request.

Chat with bad mood woman :

Woman : What you want to order ah ?

Me : one small wanton char siew mee and one extra bowl of wanton dumplings

Woman : Huh ? What ?

Me : one small wanton char siew mee and one extra bowl of wanton dumplings

Woman : You want to put the wanton on the mee or u want extra what ????

Me : one small wanton char siew mee and one extra bowl of wanton dumplings

Woman : Huh ? Why you want to order so much ? ( and stares at me up and down .... eye piercing indirectly telling me .. eh you better not eat so much )

Me : Yes that is my order .... please bring

Woman : Wait first lah.

Me : Ok ( have to say ok lah coz in my head I am already day dreaming about the meaty juicy wanton dumplings )

And everyday when I go there I will see the same drama ... people tapau also kena scolded by her ... our orders questioned again and again and yet we all still go there because of the mouth watering meaty juicy wanton dumplings and the grilled to perfection char siew .... oh man ... I am hungry again .... and I just went again for the wanton mee this morning and got the same questions from her again .... hahaha

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Happy Birthday Sis

Today is my sister's birthday and we decided to celebrate by having lunch at Secret Recipes in USJ Taipan. We each took a slice of cake.... and devoured the cake slices.

It was great to spend some time with my sister and her husband.... looking at my sister .... it makes me think that time wait for no man ... and oh how time flies..... life is short and precious and fragile.

Dear Sister..... you had been a great sister ... maybe all your heart's desires and dreams come true ... may God continue to hold you close and draw you closer to Him.
Secret Recipe SUGAR FREE Chocolate slice ..... it was yummy :D

Kim Gary in Sunway Pyramid

After hanging out in One Utama ... my friend wanted to check out the new Ipod Nano 16gb in Machines there as Mac City in 1 U did not have the 16gb model yet. Well went all the way to Machines and it seems that they also only have the 8 gb model. So we decided to just walk around Sunway Pyramid and have our dinner there.

Raya Decorations were everywhere. There also lots of shops selling things to decorate the house. I was walking past this shop selling lamps and I wanted to try out the Finepix F100FD higher ISO settings and I was impressed :D

We decided to have dinner at Kim Gary .... one of my favorite eating place .... they serve yummy food and they are fast and are reasonably priced.
I ordered the shredded pork with fried egg mushroom rice ... very yummy .. it was my first time trying it .... my all time favorite is deep fried pork rice :D
Ice milk coffee
I wanted to try out this pineapple with sausage. Also yummy .... :D
The parking was full so I had to go all the way to the parking in the roof.

Playstation 3 Launch and Raya Mood

It had been ages since I have gone to One Utama. I decided to go today since it was the official launch of Playstation 3 in Malaysia. The 120 units were grabbed up very fast.

People still lining up to buy the PS3
The 24 hour PS3 game marathon in progress :D
After checking out the PS3 launch I decided to walk around One Utama for awhile and the Raya Mood was all around.... there was a dance going on and I decided to take some pictures :D

Lovely colors ...... lots of gifts for the Raya Season
Lovely stage