Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The reason why I am putting on weight

The reason why I am putting weight .... recently had my medical follow up .... and every visit I have my weight taken .... and I have been putting on weight .... must be the chocolate in Langkawi and Labuan ... and all the yummy food in Malaysia !!!!!!!!!

Feast your eyes !!!!!!! I better run off now before I go out and stuff myself .... actually my main weakness is chocolate :)


[danial][ma] said...

hej! sbanboy...hahahaha...what a yummilicious i know your i can buy a lot of chocolates as gift for watch you diet...:-)

day-dreamer said...

OMG. Wah. *drools*

TZ said...

Bro, life without nice food is a boring life... I could not resist all the food that you have listed in this entry... i would miss the Dim Sum when i'm in Uganda :-p

Alam Setia said...

sedap-sedap makanan itu

Lifebook said...

we should go diet together.. :) I badly need one too..

Soooooo much food where should we start.. lol

sbanboy said...

danial ma
Pengsan .... more chocolate please :)

I am drooling also

When you are back ... we go hantam dim sum

alam setia
Jom bila nak makan dinner ?

Yeah loh we should diet together ... come lah we go to gym and diet together and we can blog about our weight loss progress .... hehe

Actually looking for someone to be accountable to and for someone who can help me to keep on track.

Uncle Michael said...

Wow,.. so delicious.....

carcar said...


hey nice pics! well-taken!

love the wonton mee the most!


how are u?