Thursday, 28 August 2008

P1Wimax ..... is it that good ???

I have just signed up for the wireless broadband service which was nearly launched .... I signed up 3 days ago while I was in Low Yat .... and more information at their website.

Since it is a new service ... there are still a few glitches to be ironed out .... and I was fortunate that my area was within the coverage area. There is a promotion currently till September 30th ... where they offer a free modem worth RM 999 and free waiver of the roaming charges when they extend the network to the major cities in west Malaysia. I have signed up for the 1.2 mb/s package for a year contract at RM99 / month.

So far the speedtest had been encouraging but as with all new ISPs .... I expect the speed to drop when more people sign up for the service.

The modem is a black box which needs to placed near the window. Initially I was having problems finding a good spot to place the modem and there were times when the connection gets disconnected when I close the window ... duh ..... I called up the customer service and they said that they are in the process of upgrading.

There is a T&C where customers are limited to 20gb per month ... wonder what they will do when the limit is exceeded. Anyway I have 15 days to try out Wimax and if I dont like it I can always get a refund. My intentions was to break free from streamyx and the phone line.

The speed test ..... results look promising :)

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day-dreamer said...

Hope it's really that good then maybe I can consider terminating my Streamyx when the contract expires...