Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Finally a new begining

Finally a new chapter is gonna start in my life .... went for the interview to work in CRC and I was accepted .... should be starting the new chapter in September. 8-5 job ... weekends and public holidays off .... finally I can have more time for God and myself.


spinosum said...

Congrats Sbanboy! Finally a "new beginning" for you, and "the end" of the past! :) Hope u will enjoy ur life to the max!

day-dreamer said...

That's good news. All the best!

TZ said...

Can i slot in an important content to your new beginning? By now, i think you will figure out what i would like to suggest for slotting in... of course nothing but REGULAR EXERCISE... hehehe...

Anyway, good to hear that you got a job that you are looking forward...

Leonard said...

Congrats!! All the best in your new job.:)

Yan said...

All the best at your new place of work for Him!

For Him alone.

dobbs said...

Great news! All the best in your new job :)

Tracy said...

Congrats! All the best.

Lifebook said...

Congratulation!!! All the best for the new beginning.

Syl Fyn said...

Hey dai-ko!!! Yay! CRC huh! finally! yay!!!! So is it confirmed you're outta department in September? Whoa... we gotta celebrate! Dinner soon? although it's not the best idea with your weight and weakness for food... but one's gotta eat.... (Healthily!) when you not oncall???

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot bro.... hope I can live life to the fullest.

Thanks :)

Hopefully now I can be more regular with the exercises ...hehe

Thanks bro

Yes unto Him alone



Finally a new beginning

syl fyn
Yup finally got my butt off the fence and hopefully I will get the transfer approved

Of course we should go makan :) We can go the vegetarian organic restaurant