Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Days of rest and a new beginning next week

I am currently on leave till Thursday .... a much needed break indeed as I have been on call the previous weekends and I will be doing my last 24 hours call this Friday. I am really looking forward to the new change ...... and a new environment. Most important I will have more time for God, myself, family and friends.

I was just hanging around at home ..... reading books ... watching TV ... just doing the things I like and connecting with myself. Soon I will be free on the weekends and I plan to go back to Seremban more often to be with my parents and hopefully I can start serving in my church again.

I am also looking forward to going to India this November for my church mission trip..... something which I miss doing .... for I truly feel alive when I am doing God's work. It will be great to get away from work and just bask in His presence and go in His strength to reach out to the lost and spread His love.

I have just been trying to reconnect to myself this past few weeks ... hence the lack of updates though I have not stopped snapping pictures with my fuji. I have tons of pictures in my camera ... just had got to editing them to put up in my blog.

This weekend I will attending a friend's engagement .... I am so happy for her and I hope that someday I will find my other half too ..... ok over and out and have a great weekend :)


[danial][ma] said...

hej! bro...have a great break and refresh yourself for a new adventure...

TZ said...

Bro, glad you get the job that you are looking forward... :->