Saturday, 30 August 2008

Good bye P1 Wimax

Having tried P1 Wimax for a couple of days .... I guess it is finally "Good bye"

Signal gets disconnected when I close the window and the best signal was only "good" and not excellent. Certain websites load really fast and some crawl like a snail. Torrent downloads had been a disappointment ..... I guess there is still lots of room for improvement.

Maybe if they improve on the service and remove the 20gb limit ... then I will reconsider .... as for now .... streamyx will have to do.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

P1Wimax ..... is it that good ???

I have just signed up for the wireless broadband service which was nearly launched .... I signed up 3 days ago while I was in Low Yat .... and more information at their website.

Since it is a new service ... there are still a few glitches to be ironed out .... and I was fortunate that my area was within the coverage area. There is a promotion currently till September 30th ... where they offer a free modem worth RM 999 and free waiver of the roaming charges when they extend the network to the major cities in west Malaysia. I have signed up for the 1.2 mb/s package for a year contract at RM99 / month.

So far the speedtest had been encouraging but as with all new ISPs .... I expect the speed to drop when more people sign up for the service.

The modem is a black box which needs to placed near the window. Initially I was having problems finding a good spot to place the modem and there were times when the connection gets disconnected when I close the window ... duh ..... I called up the customer service and they said that they are in the process of upgrading.

There is a T&C where customers are limited to 20gb per month ... wonder what they will do when the limit is exceeded. Anyway I have 15 days to try out Wimax and if I dont like it I can always get a refund. My intentions was to break free from streamyx and the phone line.

The speed test ..... results look promising :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Days of rest and a new beginning next week

I am currently on leave till Thursday .... a much needed break indeed as I have been on call the previous weekends and I will be doing my last 24 hours call this Friday. I am really looking forward to the new change ...... and a new environment. Most important I will have more time for God, myself, family and friends.

I was just hanging around at home ..... reading books ... watching TV ... just doing the things I like and connecting with myself. Soon I will be free on the weekends and I plan to go back to Seremban more often to be with my parents and hopefully I can start serving in my church again.

I am also looking forward to going to India this November for my church mission trip..... something which I miss doing .... for I truly feel alive when I am doing God's work. It will be great to get away from work and just bask in His presence and go in His strength to reach out to the lost and spread His love.

I have just been trying to reconnect to myself this past few weeks ... hence the lack of updates though I have not stopped snapping pictures with my fuji. I have tons of pictures in my camera ... just had got to editing them to put up in my blog.

This weekend I will attending a friend's engagement .... I am so happy for her and I hope that someday I will find my other half too ..... ok over and out and have a great weekend :)

Monday, 11 August 2008

Once in awhile.....

*picture taken at a replica of Notre Dame Church in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Once in awhile we will meet people who we just can't get along with no matter how hard we try ... today was one of those days ..... I am on call today for 24 hours .... one of my last few calls .... hopefully .... I am working with one of my colleagues who announced she was in a bad mood first thing in the morning .... and that mood carried on throughout the day.

I just kept to myself and did my own work .... to the extent that I felt that we were working in separate departments ..... while it happens once in awhile and this is one of the reasons I am looking forward for a change .... maybe less dealing with people while be good for me. Well I am sure that I will meet new challenges in a new environment but I thank God that I have not stopped learning how to be more like Jesus ... how to learn self control over my actions and most of all ... my tongue .... because words once spoken ... cannot be taken back.

One of the reasons I wanted to change to a 8-5 job was that my health was deteriorating .... and I am so zonked out post call that all I want to do is rest when I get home. At least when I get my 8-5 job I can start planning out my exercise sessions. Another thing I was planning to do was to take the NIOSH course which is on Saturdays in Bangi. So many plans in my head .... hopefully I can carry them out. And Godwilling .... all will work fine.

Actually the main reason I want to get a transfer was that I felt that I am drifting away from God.... the One Who is the Lover of my soul ... the One Who alone can complete me ...... I was missing out on my Sunday church services .... there are days I felt that I just wanna stay home and feel that I am better off by myself instead of walking into a church where I feel like a stranger. Somehow I still can't seem to fit into any churches here yet. I only attend church when I am back in hometown. So with this transfer ..... I told myself that I am gonna be active in church again ... to draw closer to Him ... time for God and me. And hopefully I will be able to be "thick skinned" and eventually find myself a church where I can grow, to serve and to belong.

My life till now .....

Sorry for the lack of updates. I had to re install the operating system in my macbook and also my pda due some firmware upgrades.... hopefully things will be stable now.

I have submitted my letter requesting for transfer and hopefully everything will work fine. Tentatively I will be reporting on August 15th but will be starting work only on September 2nd.... after Merdeka.

I have committed this matter into God's hands ..... and I have peace ... regardless of what the outcome is.

Thanks for the all the support ... I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The reason why I am putting on weight

The reason why I am putting weight .... recently had my medical follow up .... and every visit I have my weight taken .... and I have been putting on weight .... must be the chocolate in Langkawi and Labuan ... and all the yummy food in Malaysia !!!!!!!!!

Feast your eyes !!!!!!! I better run off now before I go out and stuff myself .... actually my main weakness is chocolate :)

Finally a new begining

Finally a new chapter is gonna start in my life .... went for the interview to work in CRC and I was accepted .... should be starting the new chapter in September. 8-5 job ... weekends and public holidays off .... finally I can have more time for God and myself.