Friday, 18 July 2008

Huh? You read my blog ?

Huh? You read my blog ?

I still get surprised when people walk up to me and ask me why I have not updated my blog.... they actually read my blog. I mean I am not as popular as kennysia or the others who gets thousands of visitors ... I get about 20-30 visitors. Mostly friends who are wanted to be updated on what is happening in my life. I started the blog as an extension of myself ... a way to share my experiences and also to vent my frustrations and to reach and also to sing praises of God Who is the lover of my soul.

Lately I have been struggling with a few issues in my life....hence the silence .... there are some things best kept to oneself .... because I dont know all who are reading my blog ... there are silent readers, those who leave comments and there are those who had taken the trouble to contact me and got to know me ... some became great friends.

Yes I am still surprised that people actually wanna read my blog. Some even told me that they had been stalking my blog silently since I started the blog. Thanks for the support and prayers uttered for me when I went through my ups and downs in life.

Hmmm I still have lots to share .... tons of pictures to put up ... but somehow there is a void in me now.... I had lost my sense of direction ..... still groping in the dark ..... hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Did not know that the past had such a strong hold over me. But I am learning to be still .... to be silent .... to rest .... to let go .... someday I will be free ..... I will overcome and do the things that are in my heart. Someday I will be excited again about the things I do .... that I will be passionate again ... now nothing excites me....


day-dreamer said...

Yes, I still read your blog. And I'm here to offer you moral support and a big *hug*. Things will be fine, soon, I hope.

Lifebook said...

Hope you find your light of life soon.

Do pray and God is always with you.

Bahija said...

Hi, take time out of the hectic life , go soul-searching, and seek God's direction into your life ( with sincere heart ). By His Grace, He shall assist you ....I've listed this in your blog before , if u are visiting Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT), USJ Industry area, let me know :)

Regards, Kim Chin

YANZ said...

i still read ur blog too! :D
take care, will pray for u :)

TZ said...

I'm a regular reader too ... hehehe :-> Bro, take care eh!

winniethepooh said...

im still reading :)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! bro...shall i buy you a pair of clark sandal to add a little star in your daily life...hehehehe...just bought it at Endinburgh clark store outside the princess mall near the railway station...i guess size 8 (because there's no 7 and half) is just nice for you...did a little shopping after visited Glasgow on the way back to Newcastle...see you on 26 september...ciao!

ye said...

check this out..

in the midst of 'direction-less', it's good to keep going, like Dory in Nemo, just keep swimming swimming swimming.

Sometimes it's good not to know what's in return but give it all that you can, you are in line for a bigger life's surprise.


sbanboy said...

Thanks alot ... appreciate it

thanks for the prayer .. appreciate it

yeah I am learning to slow down and quiet down my heart .... I have been to FGT before.

Thanks for reading :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Yup see you on Sep 26th

Thanks Ye :) Finding Nemo is my favorite show :)

memory said...

Your 'lights of life' is in you. Just do whatever you think is right one step at a time. Keep on going...