Friday, 6 June 2008

More photos of Labuan

Just wanted to share a few more photos of Labuan ..... I really took alot of pictures :)

The beach at Layang Layang
Near the market

The War Monument
The Chimney ... remnant from the old mines

Wooden bridge towards the old mines
Botanical Gardens
Botanical Gardens

Near the market :)


day-dreamer said...

Very nice pictures. Feels very peaceful.

L B said...

Lotsa Peaceful Easy Feelings there...

fibrate said...

Hey, nice photos :)

Anonymous said...

woow. awesome image especially the stones image. anyway how labuan is it nice? i never been there b4.

TZ said...

awesome shots!

Chen said...

Very peaceful. I was in Labuan for just few hours. Spent my time in the ferry terminal, kopitiam and followed by airport. Didn't go & walk around in the town.

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