Sunday, 29 June 2008

Mekong Delta Day Trip ... Vietnam

I managed to go for a Day Trip to Mekong Delta.... more information from wikipedia.

From wikipedia

"The Mekong Delta (Vietnamese: đồng bằng sông Cửu Long “Nine Dragon river delta”) is the region in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. The Mekong delta region encompasses a large portion of southeastern Vietnam of 39,000 km² [1]. The size of the area covered by water depends on the season."

The place was vibrant and full of life .... full of colors..... not forgetting the "angry looking" clouds which kept looming over us .... I said a quick prayer ... so that it will not rain while we were on the boat.

Our lady sailor .... contemplating about life
Towards of one of the islands in the Mekong Delta
We stopped at one of the coconut sweet making factories....
Busy at work ...... fresh from the oven :)
They harvest their own honey
Honey with rice wine drink .... not my kind of drink but I enjoyed the tea with honey and lime :P
Erm a free snake show
Stopped by a restaurant for lunch ... yummy seafood fried rice ( psstt ... it was the cheapest dish on the menu )
Hmmm when will Mr Right come along to sweep me off my feet ( she was actually waiting for us to pay for lunch )
Another trip on the sampan in a shallow water area
Stopped by a fruit farm and saw them selling THIS !!!!!! Scorpion and cobra alcohol tonic drink said to ahem ahem for the guys :)
Lots of fruit
They performed some traditional songs for us
One on the way back
Finally back on solid ground ... phew ... survived ... and it was an experience of a lifetime and I am a free thousand "dongs" poorer.


TZ said...

Money value experiences.... money could earn back but experience might only come once :-> I bet if you travel again to Mekong Delta two years from now... it might be different experience :->

So did you try all the exotic wine and food? I like to drink and party but come to this kind of exotic food and drinks... not my cup of tea :-p

sbanboy said...

Yup I treasure the experience

I did not try the exotic drinks also ...hehe

Chen said...

Nice shots with your finepix F47FD, really a good buy, huh? :)

We are millionaires in Vietnam, carrying several millions of Dong ;)

[danial][ma] said...

hej! sbanboy...nice pics...anymore?