Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I have always been a sucker for landscapes, architectures, sunsets ...... nature ..... God's creation is amazing ...... and every time I will take in the wonder of His creation and praise Him for his creativity. I have always been fascinated with sunsets and sunrise. I remember getting up at 5 am in Redang so that I can take pictures of the sunrise.
This was taken at Avillion Resort in Port Dickson with my compact camera Fujifilm Finepix f47fd which had managed to impress me with capturing the sunset..... and it cost me about RM699 bucks (my old 8 yr old Canon Ixus V3 finally konked out on me). I was attending a wedding there and it was a lovely beach wedding. The sand was soft and white.... which was rarely seen in Port Dickson ....good thing the Avillion Resort had its own private beach....well taken care of.
Nice clean sand

The couple ..... enjoying a walk by the beach ..... I wish them all the best in their lives together.... a new chapter unfolds.


Tracy said...

Hey! I just bought mine a Fujifilm F47fd too today. I have done a few studies on finePix range since few weeks ago and this one consists of less noise and higher digital zoom compared to F50fd and the price is reasonable. I should have bought it during PC Fair for a better deal but I missed it :/

day-dreamer said...

OMG. The last picture looks especially nice.

sbanboy said...

I like the camera ... not too bad and the price is right :)

Thanks alot :)

Bahija said...

Nice photos , good shot !

fibrate said...

Tried posting a comment earlier but somehow it didn't appear...

So you got "poisoned" by Chen huh? Every meeting with her has ended up with me buying a gadget she's brought along! :)

sbanboy said...

Thanks alot :)

yup Chen is poisonous !!!!! So which gadget you bought ??? The EEEPC ??? HEhehe