Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Morning jam .... afternoon also jam !!

Since I moved to KL ... I have been trying to get used to the jam ... that is why I try to stay at home most of the time during my off days coz I hate wasting my time being stuck in jams...... since I am driving through jams everyday to work.
Morning jam at Subang Jaya

Jam at NPE near Bangsar .... I used to ride my bike to work ..... but I rather use my car and listen to my favorites music while enjoying the air con ... rain or shine :)
Keeping my cool

Well even after work ... I have to go through jams ..... Jam on the way back from work at Jalan Pahang towards Mahameru Highway

Well someday I will relocate from KL ...but for now ... I guess I will just need to go through the jam as I sort my life out.


Las montañas said...

Yes, you feel your life wasting away just sitting through these jams!

Why don't you scout around for a posting in a district hospital say in Kuantan? Prob less jams and more time to visit the beach!

fatboybakes said...

guess can use the jams to listen to sermons and devotions.... thats what my cell mate does. (as in cell group, not jail cell)

doc said...

got a suggestion for you - get one of those small battery-driven shavers & you can save 5min as you shave on the way to work. remember Bean?

on the other hand, i've got the original CD version of Freakonomics. interested?

sbanboy said...

las montanas
Yeah I do feel like my life is wasting away ... I hardly go out whenever I reach home.

Thanks for dropping by ... yup I do listen to sermons and devotions on my ipod while driving to work.

Oh yeah I do have a battery shaver .... I should bring it along ...hehe

U got Freakonomics ah ... I can give it a try :)

Tracy said...

I hate the jam too. But that's life in KL. Wasting time but on the other hand, training my patience and fast decision in making the shortest and fastest route to my destination.

Did you snap those photos using your Nokia mobile phone? The clouds in one of the pictures are very clear.

sbanboy said...

Pictures were taken with Finepix F47FD

Tracy said...

Cool! That camera is beyond my expectation. Will try to snap some when I see the clouds.

I'm amazed that you still managed to snap photos using camera in the mist of jam :)