Saturday, 24 May 2008

Labuan Beach and my walk with God

Today I managed to get myself out of the hotel and took a drive (one of the staff nurse loaned me her car ) to the beach near Taman Damai ( The place where the Japanese Army surrendered to the Australian Army ). I wanted to watch the sunset and just sit and enjoy God's creation and presence. I have been working every day .... so hopefully this weekend I will be free and not be called back to the hospital.

Decided to try out some macro shots and also took some pictures at different angles.... I like the way Finepix F47FD render the sky.

Just wanted to share some pictures which I took...
Some macro shots
Macro shot of the coral
A few pictures taken while waiting for the sunset

The sunset
Everything happened so fast .... in a matter of minutes the sun disappeared beyond the horizon. God's creation is awesome. Makes me realize that life is going on so fast .... time waits for no man ...... and life is short.

I have been slacking in my walk with God. Been missing church .... due to work and sometimes I rather just stay home ..... as I still have not found a church where I feel I belong. I still try to go back to Seremban whenever I am free during the weekends. Labuan was a good way to get away from the busy and fast paced life in KL to just sit and enjoy God's presence and to talk to Him about His will in my life. I am only truly alive when I am going in His will.

I have kinda lost my direction in my life .... still trying to figure out what to do ... many times I still try to figure things out based on my past experiences and own strength .... I still look at things with my tunnel vision..... people tell me that I am more FREE now since I am out of the masters program ... so many options out there ... that is what they tell me ..... I guess I am the one who locks myself up in a cage ... maybe I don't want to leave the security of the government service and step out into the unknown. But I feel myself dying little by little each day .... I find no joy in my work..... which I have been trying to rekindle.

I hope that I find a church soon ...... a never ending search .... where I can belong and serve. In the meantime ... dear Lord Jesus ... please never let me go ... I might stray sometimes and fix my eyes on the things of the world ... I might compare myself with others and feel inadequate ..... but deep down I will always run back to You alone Who can alone can fill me and complete me. Amen


day-dreamer said...

Nice pictures.

I think the lost of direction is something temporary in life. It will soon be over. Good luck!

[danial][ma] said...

hej! you will find it one day...and the pics are great...

Anne Juan said...

I could understand how you feel. All the best.

"In every circumstances, God will provide".

Nice pictures btw =)

Lifebook said...

Great picture..

God will never let his children down. Keep praying and communicate with Him and he will guide / answer you. :)

Jonzz said...

Wow the sunset colours are out of this world.

Tabib said...

Great sunset pics

yanz said...

eh, i LOVE the pics u took! So AMAZING... =D

Come back, come back to church, come back to God, don't give up, never give up =D

Chen said...

God's creation is indeed awesome. Hope u can find your direction in life soon :)

And nice photo with your Finepix F47FD camera :)