Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Just one of those days ....

Tried everything .... took a warm shower .... counted sheep ..... turned on the air con .... but still I cant sleep a wink. Hmm what else to do. It had been ages since I had sleepless nights.....well hopefully it is a one time thingy.

Ok guys ... good night. I am definitely walking around like a zombie tomorrow.


L B said...

Insomnia is not to be scoffed at.. Listlessness, tiredness.. No, no, must sleep! Happy rest, sbanboy..

[danial][ma] said...

hej! do some readings...or have a glass of warm milk or night horlick...

Las montañas said...

you are probably excited or worried about something...

well, I do get these once in a while too.. I guess the sleeping env has to be very good these days, like:

- darkened room
- noiseless aircon that has its thermostat working
- comfortable sheets and pillows
- soft relaxing music on timer mode

Tracy said...

Try to avoid afternoon nap..

sbanboy said...

Yeah I must slap myself to get more rest :)

tried it and it did not work

las montanas
I have the Amazon Rain relaxation cd ... hope it works

No time for afternoon naps at work