Friday, 9 May 2008

Friendship and Starbucks

I have a dear friend who is practically addicted to Starbucks Coffee ... I told her that if one day she stops going to Starbucks... Starbucks will go bankrupt ....hehe... anyway she is one of the few friends who I can hang out ... we just kinda click and we know that we are there for one another.

Sometimes we will just have coffee and just sit around and read a book or surf the net.

I ordered Caramel Frappucino and Chicken Roll Sandwich which was costly and yummy :)

I guess my friend got me addicted to Starbucks and we get 10 percent off with the Jusco Membership Card :) ... yup simple and precious things in life .... great company with great coffee.


day-dreamer said...

I enjoy occasional visits to Starbucks too, although it's expensive. Haha.

fibrate said...

Sadly they've revised the J Card privilege a little applies only with transactions exceeding RM30.

spinosum said...

Sadly the 10% discount using Jusco Card, now only applied to purchase of over RM30; previously, the discount was given to any amount of purchase - back then, I frequently visited Starbucks for its hot caramel latte! ;) Now it seems a little expensive without the 10% off!

TZ said...

got 10% off with J-card ah? I should use it... I'm a starbucks fans too...

sbanboy said...

day dreamer
Cant go everyday or else I will be broke ...hehe

Yeah loh ... now has to be at least 30 bucks

Yeah ... now I wont be going so often to Starbucks :(

Yup 10% per cent off if it is 30 bucks and above