Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Time really flies

Just a few more days and I will be boarding the flight back to KL and what I have experienced here will just be a passing memory. This place had taught me to slow down ... the first few days I was driving around like a mad man .... as most of the people here were driving at 40 km/hour and they were never in a hurry ... it was this city infested fat bum who had his fat foot constantly on the gas pedal who was in a hurry to reach somewhere and not knowing why he need to get there so fast in the first place. ...... so here I learned to slow down..... I mean I really slowed down. Now I am constantly in the slow lane .... following the others...... Blood pressure normalized .... breathing normalized ...... body ache and headache less. Labuan taught me to savor life and taught me to live life with the bare minimal .... only what was necessary was required .... nothing surplus. And here I know I can really start saving some money and finally get cured of my addiction towards being a gadget freak.

The people here are very warm and friendly. The Anglican church I attended last week was one of the few churches where I felt at home as soon as I stepped in.

I have even considered getting a transfer to Labuan ...but not now .. I still much to do .. maybe when I am about to retire ...... I feel that age is catching up and I find myself slowing down nowadays. I have abused my body for too long already ... the long working hours and sleep debt are finally taking their toil on me. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to come here ... as it was refreshing to me .... both spirit and body.

Time really flies ......

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Labuan Beach and my walk with God

Today I managed to get myself out of the hotel and took a drive (one of the staff nurse loaned me her car ) to the beach near Taman Damai ( The place where the Japanese Army surrendered to the Australian Army ). I wanted to watch the sunset and just sit and enjoy God's creation and presence. I have been working every day .... so hopefully this weekend I will be free and not be called back to the hospital.

Decided to try out some macro shots and also took some pictures at different angles.... I like the way Finepix F47FD render the sky.

Just wanted to share some pictures which I took...
Some macro shots
Macro shot of the coral
A few pictures taken while waiting for the sunset

The sunset
Everything happened so fast .... in a matter of minutes the sun disappeared beyond the horizon. God's creation is awesome. Makes me realize that life is going on so fast .... time waits for no man ...... and life is short.

I have been slacking in my walk with God. Been missing church .... due to work and sometimes I rather just stay home ..... as I still have not found a church where I feel I belong. I still try to go back to Seremban whenever I am free during the weekends. Labuan was a good way to get away from the busy and fast paced life in KL to just sit and enjoy God's presence and to talk to Him about His will in my life. I am only truly alive when I am going in His will.

I have kinda lost my direction in my life .... still trying to figure out what to do ... many times I still try to figure things out based on my past experiences and own strength .... I still look at things with my tunnel vision..... people tell me that I am more FREE now since I am out of the masters program ... so many options out there ... that is what they tell me ..... I guess I am the one who locks myself up in a cage ... maybe I don't want to leave the security of the government service and step out into the unknown. But I feel myself dying little by little each day .... I find no joy in my work..... which I have been trying to rekindle.

I hope that I find a church soon ...... a never ending search .... where I can belong and serve. In the meantime ... dear Lord Jesus ... please never let me go ... I might stray sometimes and fix my eyes on the things of the world ... I might compare myself with others and feel inadequate ..... but deep down I will always run back to You alone Who can alone can fill me and complete me. Amen

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Labuan here I come

I am currently at Labuan ....... I had to help out the shortage of doctors in the anaesthesia department for 2 weeks till June 1st. I arrived yesterday ... walking around like a zombie. I got up at about 4 am to catch the flight at about 7 50 am ... arrived in Labuan at about 1030 am...checked into the hospital .. took a short nap and off I go to the hospital at about noon. So everything which happened to me yesterday was a "blur" to me.

My hotel provides internet at a price .... oh well ....

Anyway I took AirAsia to Labuan... it was pleasant flight ... no delays.

Love the blue sky

Inside AirAsia

Approaching Labuan Island

Landed in Labuan Airport.

The hospital sent one of the drivers to pick me up and drop me off at the hotel .... and he came later to pick me up from the hotel to go to the time I reached the hospital I was famished .... managed to grab something to eat at the canteen in hospital. I was shown around the hospital .... the people here are very laid back and very very friendly. I missed working in a small hospital.

The hospital van dropped me back to the hotel after work.

As I was super zonked out .... I had my first meal in Labuan at KFC which was just walking distance from my hotel...... slept in early about 10 pm.

I can't wait to be fully conscious and alert today and after work I wanna go buy some duty free chocolate ... yummy

Thursday, 15 May 2008

My fight against my oily skin !!

I have been struggling with oily skin since my teenage years ... I thought that as I "aged" gracefully through the years that my oily skin problems will just go away. I never struggled much with acne or pimples ... it is just that my face seems to be drenched by oil when it is noon at work. So I am still trying to figure out what to do with my oily skin. I bought these few products from Guardian Pharmacy which were on sale...... hopefully it will make the oily skin more bearable. I have not gone for any facials or facial treatment.

Anyone has any tips or suggestions ? Thanks :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Fireworks at A Famosa Resort Melaka

Just wanted to share some pictures which I took at A Famosa Resort Melaka. I was there last weekend with my extended family ... mom, sis and my bro in law's family. I had a great time. It was nice to be away from work and just rest and recharge my body, soul and mind. The last night at A Famosa ... we drove over to the Cowboy Town to watch the Red Indian Fire Eating Show and also the Fire works. I did not bring my Canon 350D as I could not find the battery ... I must have misplaced it ... so all I had was the Finepix F47FD .... and this tiny little camera managed to impress me and surpassed my expectations.
Pictures taken hand held and also some taken with support on a railing .... all pictures taken with finepix F47FD.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Steamboat at Farmland Puchong

Last week ..... I had dinner with my father, sis, bro in law and my extended family. We decided to have Porridge Steamboat at Farmland Puchong located near Giant Department Store in Puchong.
This was the first time I had porridge steamboat.
The ingredients
Soy sauce, sesame oil, and pepper.
Green Honey Chorophyll drink :)
We tried out the combo steamboat ... curry soup with porridge :)

It was a great time ..... having a meal together with family.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Friendship and Starbucks

I have a dear friend who is practically addicted to Starbucks Coffee ... I told her that if one day she stops going to Starbucks... Starbucks will go bankrupt ....hehe... anyway she is one of the few friends who I can hang out ... we just kinda click and we know that we are there for one another.

Sometimes we will just have coffee and just sit around and read a book or surf the net.

I ordered Caramel Frappucino and Chicken Roll Sandwich which was costly and yummy :)

I guess my friend got me addicted to Starbucks and we get 10 percent off with the Jusco Membership Card :) ... yup simple and precious things in life .... great company with great coffee.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I have always been a sucker for landscapes, architectures, sunsets ...... nature ..... God's creation is amazing ...... and every time I will take in the wonder of His creation and praise Him for his creativity. I have always been fascinated with sunsets and sunrise. I remember getting up at 5 am in Redang so that I can take pictures of the sunrise.
This was taken at Avillion Resort in Port Dickson with my compact camera Fujifilm Finepix f47fd which had managed to impress me with capturing the sunset..... and it cost me about RM699 bucks (my old 8 yr old Canon Ixus V3 finally konked out on me). I was attending a wedding there and it was a lovely beach wedding. The sand was soft and white.... which was rarely seen in Port Dickson ....good thing the Avillion Resort had its own private beach....well taken care of.
Nice clean sand

The couple ..... enjoying a walk by the beach ..... I wish them all the best in their lives together.... a new chapter unfolds.

Morning jam .... afternoon also jam !!

Since I moved to KL ... I have been trying to get used to the jam ... that is why I try to stay at home most of the time during my off days coz I hate wasting my time being stuck in jams...... since I am driving through jams everyday to work.
Morning jam at Subang Jaya

Jam at NPE near Bangsar .... I used to ride my bike to work ..... but I rather use my car and listen to my favorites music while enjoying the air con ... rain or shine :)
Keeping my cool

Well even after work ... I have to go through jams ..... Jam on the way back from work at Jalan Pahang towards Mahameru Highway

Well someday I will relocate from KL ...but for now ... I guess I will just need to go through the jam as I sort my life out.

Just one of those days ....

Tried everything .... took a warm shower .... counted sheep ..... turned on the air con .... but still I cant sleep a wink. Hmm what else to do. It had been ages since I had sleepless nights.....well hopefully it is a one time thingy.

Ok guys ... good night. I am definitely walking around like a zombie tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sometimes in life

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;
Someone who changes your life
just by being part of it.
Someone who makes you laugh
until you can't stop;
Someone who makes you believe
that there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you
that there really is an unlocked door
just waiting for you to open it.

I received this from Chen via email and I just wanted to share it with you guys. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Child like faith

Life is full of surprises, challenges, trials and lessons to learn. Every time I feel like giving up .... despairing .... life teaches me a lesson and gives me the strength and motivation to carry on another day.

These 2 kids were patients who had to undergo frequent radiotherapy for the tumour growing in side their bodies. They were always chirpy ..... they would cry when I had to put them to sleep for the procedure but when they wake up ... when they see their parents ... they are back to their chirpy selves. Their smiles makes it worth it when I work non stop and long hours ..... that life is worth living.

Many times I had asked God that I will have simple faith like a child ...... I tend to analyze things too much ...... may God grant me child like faith .... to trust in Him, to look to Him alone and smile knowing that He holds me close and will never forsake me .... because of Him.... I can go on another day.