Saturday, 5 April 2008

Work and my life so far

I am on call today for 24 hours ..... been going around seeing my patients and croaking like a frog and hopefully it will be quiet later today. I have brought along my cough mixture and Strepsils (sugarfree). I have also brought some books to read and my PSP to keep my company when I am doing super long cases. And not forgetting my collection of CDs to be played when I am running the OT to keep me energized. Sometimes doing a little dance to a favorite song helps to make a day go faster.

I am glad to be where I am right now ... the head of department is very supportive and that helped me to decide on what I wanna do. Eventually I want to do something where I can be passionate about where I can use my strength and talents. Since age is catching up .... I want to eventually stop doing 24 hours calls and hope to work office hours. I have been thinking about hospital management or NIOSH (national institute of occupation safety and health) or maybe nuclear medicine or maybe Genetics study in Pathology or maybe Telemedicine. (Anyone got any offers or advice .. do email me :) Thanks ) Life is just too short and too precious. So many dear loved ones around me had been passing away ... making me realize that time is slipping away that I must be good steward of whatever time had been entrusted to me. So many places I want to go and thank God that He had provided a few friends who are willing to go traveling with me in the near future. I was thinking of going on my own ... backpacking and equipped with my dslr as a travel companion. It is always better to have another person around to talk to and also go places to and to share the cost. Life is full of surprises and lately I have been having some pleasant surprises that brightens up my day.

This has been on my mind for a long time and I was wondering how to write it up so that I will not offend anyone but instead to reach out to others letting them know that I accept them the way they are regardless of their sexual preferences ... because to me ... the person inside is more important to me. (Actually it was one of my friends who mentioned that I should one day write a post about this) There was a time where I would hang out with a bunch of friends had a different sexual preference. I did not judge them but instead I accepted them the way they are because I cared for the person inside even though I don't agree with their practices. Along the course of time, there might be misunderstandings or insecurities and in the end there was a "falling out" and there was a "deep silence" ... no explanation made, no communication ... and that was the time when it hurt the most because I really cared for them .... I did a lot of soul searching and I even questioned myself ... my beliefs, etc ..... but in the end it made me stronger. The silence is still there. But in the end I am finally moving on with my life. It made me open my eyes and realize that there are other friends around me who needed and cared for me. And I have made new friends now and I thank the ones who had come along the way to add some colours in my life. Thank you for the lessons learned.


[danial][ma] said...

hej! life is beautiful, with beautiful hidden away but we need to discover it, so we will find that life is really beautiful. beautiful in their own way, unique and you are great bro because you value friendship and relationship and you don't judge people by external factors but you value the internal factors...well, i hope one day i can join you backpacking...:)

Las montañas said...

If you cannot find anybody to travel with, just go alone! Time moves and soon we wont have youth on our side to go to those faraway places.