Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Under the weather

I have not been feeling since the sore throat last week. Since yesterday I have been having diarrhoea and severe gastritis worsened with reflux oesophagitis. I lost count how many times I have gone to toilet. I was not able to sleep.

Anyway I still dragged myself to work today thinking that I will feel better and besides it is better to collapse in the hospital than at home since I am staying by myself. At least in the hospital, there will be people around.

I am glad that there were friends who were willing to do the cases in operating theater for me so that I can rest. I was still purging in the hospital. I did not know that I was so dehydrated ..... I was even too weak to open a bottle of 100 plus. One of the specialist decided to put me on intravenous drips ..... I did not know was looking so pale and dehydrated. After 2 bottles of iv drips I was feeling slightly better but still weak.

I went home to rest ..... still purging ... lost count how many times I have gone to the toilet. I was just thinking of having some porridge but I still feel really weak. Decided to sms my sister and I really thank God for her .... she came immediately to pick me up from my apartment and dragged me over to her place. She bought porridge for me and more isotonic drinks so that I can rehydrate.

I hope that I will get better by tomorrow as I will be on call on Friday. Do keep me in prayer... thanks alot


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Sorry to hear that you got diarrhea. How are you now? Getting better? Be more careful with the food you take. Try to drink a glass of warm thick tea. It helps to stop diarrhea too. Will pray for you. Take care and get well soon. God bless

TZ said...

Bro, you shouldn't be worry about your work on Friday... get a good rest and get well soon before you hit your work again. :->

I was having diarrhoea last week too... don't know whether is because of the water... all of the sudden but i recovered within two days.

Anyway, take care and get well soon.

Shah said...

Rest well & get well soon OK bro.

dobbs said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Take care and hope you get well soon.

sbanboy said...

Thanks guys ... appreciate it