Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Makan Time

I have not been eating at regular intervals since I started work as a doctor. It started when I did my housemanship in Hospital Klang...... for one year ... I did not see sunrise and sunset ... basically I never saw the sun. Went to work at 5.30 am and I will reach my room at about 10 pm along with 15 calls a month .... I am surprised that I survived my housemanship.

So the eating habits continued to now .... which I have been trying to break. Trying to make sure that I have my meals at a regular interval.

The hospital that I am in provides food for the doctors who are on call.
I had my favorite coffee drink ... Hazelnut White Coffee.... with vegetable fried rice

Lunch time one of the staff nurses ordered pizza as she got a promotion.

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Las montañas said...

As one grows older, simpler less oily food would be the feature of the day.