Friday, 25 April 2008

The Loaf, Langkawi

Just surfing the net after having lunch at this nice place called Putumayo .... I like the ambience .... and my friends had been ordering the beer like crazy as it is happy hour from 12 noon till 5 pm and the beer is going for 10 bucks per jug ... so my friends are going boinkers over the alcohol.

Just thought that I will share some pictures on the day when I was waiting in LCCT for my flight to Langkawi. I decided to have breakfast at Coffee Bean.... nice breakfast .... it was made up of scramble eggs, salad and chicken sausages along with free top ups of either coffee or tea.

The breakfast at LCCT

After I checked into the hotel .... I took a nap as I had to pick a friend from the airport later in the afternoon. My friend and I decided to try out the bakery opened by Dr Mahatir called The Loaf. I wanted to try out Dr Mahatir's favorite breakfast .... mutton potato curry with toast bread. And we had a sample of some the pasteries sold there. A bit costly I must say but I wanted to try something new and go for the experience. I like the ambience .... very homely and cozy ... nice tables and chairs with sofas.

The Loaf
Man when can I go for a cruise ......

Learning to just let my hair down and chill out a bit .... I am usually quite reserved ...but the recent events ... makes me realize that life is short and precious and we only have one life.


kyh said...

wow so enjoyable! and those pastries! hmmmmmmm

day-dreamer said...


I should go try Coffee Bean's breakfast. Haha.

[danial][ma] said...

hej! enjoy your stay and conference over there...hope you enjoy the sunset and sunrise at awana porto malai..

TZ said...

The loaf looks very nice ... there is one @ Pavilion KL... How's the food... good? Is it value for money?

fibrate said...

Now I'm tempted to book a flight to Langkawi...I wonder when is the best time?