Thursday, 24 April 2008

Landed in Langkawi

Finally landed in Langkawi ... will be here till Sunday as I am attending a conference. The plane ride to Langkawi was bumpy ..... as we landed in the Langkawi Airport .... it was raining cats and dogs. I am glad that a good friend and her husband was in the same flight with me ..... at least it was not so boring ... we managed to get a good rate for the car rental ... I rented an auto wira for RM 40 per day ... which was a great bargain.

Later we went to Beach Garden Resort for a German Breakfast.....which was filling .... later on we checked into Aseania Resort.

Tomorrow we will register for the conference in Awana :)


L B said...

Whoa! Nice !! Great bargain too, the car rental.

day-dreamer said...

Have fun!