Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Makan Time

I have not been eating at regular intervals since I started work as a doctor. It started when I did my housemanship in Hospital Klang...... for one year ... I did not see sunrise and sunset ... basically I never saw the sun. Went to work at 5.30 am and I will reach my room at about 10 pm along with 15 calls a month .... I am surprised that I survived my housemanship.

So the eating habits continued to now .... which I have been trying to break. Trying to make sure that I have my meals at a regular interval.

The hospital that I am in provides food for the doctors who are on call.
I had my favorite coffee drink ... Hazelnut White Coffee.... with vegetable fried rice

Lunch time one of the staff nurses ordered pizza as she got a promotion.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Raining and on call

Drove to work ... it was not so jam ... I usually leave my apartment at about 6.30 am. I get up at about 5.30 am. I reach the hospital at about 7.15 am. Punch in and get about doing the routine work.

It was raining heavily this morning when I drove to work ... sat in my car for awhile. It was gonna be a busy day for me today as I am on call again.

Friday, 25 April 2008

The Loaf, Langkawi

Just surfing the net after having lunch at this nice place called Putumayo .... I like the ambience .... and my friends had been ordering the beer like crazy as it is happy hour from 12 noon till 5 pm and the beer is going for 10 bucks per jug ... so my friends are going boinkers over the alcohol.

Just thought that I will share some pictures on the day when I was waiting in LCCT for my flight to Langkawi. I decided to have breakfast at Coffee Bean.... nice breakfast .... it was made up of scramble eggs, salad and chicken sausages along with free top ups of either coffee or tea.

The breakfast at LCCT

After I checked into the hotel .... I took a nap as I had to pick a friend from the airport later in the afternoon. My friend and I decided to try out the bakery opened by Dr Mahatir called The Loaf. I wanted to try out Dr Mahatir's favorite breakfast .... mutton potato curry with toast bread. And we had a sample of some the pasteries sold there. A bit costly I must say but I wanted to try something new and go for the experience. I like the ambience .... very homely and cozy ... nice tables and chairs with sofas.

The Loaf
Man when can I go for a cruise ......

Learning to just let my hair down and chill out a bit .... I am usually quite reserved ...but the recent events ... makes me realize that life is short and precious and we only have one life.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Landed in Langkawi

Finally landed in Langkawi ... will be here till Sunday as I am attending a conference. The plane ride to Langkawi was bumpy ..... as we landed in the Langkawi Airport .... it was raining cats and dogs. I am glad that a good friend and her husband was in the same flight with me ..... at least it was not so boring ... we managed to get a good rate for the car rental ... I rented an auto wira for RM 40 per day ... which was a great bargain.

Later we went to Beach Garden Resort for a German Breakfast.....which was filling .... later on we checked into Aseania Resort.

Tomorrow we will register for the conference in Awana :)

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Life is fragile

More and more each day .... I am reminded that life is short ..... we so often take for granted ... our health ..... we make plans for the future .... we buy insurance.... we plan to buy the next big house or a bigger car .... we plan to make a name for ourselves ..... making a 5 year , 10 year plan ... etc ... more and more I am reminded that our life is fragile ..... we are just stewards of the time and resources which have been given to us before it is taken away ... before our time is up.... how should I live my life then ? Live like there is no tomorrow ? Live for the moment ? To take risks ? To love and be loved like never before ...... to open my heart, to be vulnerable .... because time waits for no man. It was a reminder to me .... to evaluate my life and decide what I should live for ??? How must I live my life ???

I just received a phone call from my sister that a person who is dear to my family had just collapsed at home ..... he is currently at a hospital now .... waiting for the doctor to resuscitate him. No one knows how long he had collapsed at home. The chances are slim.....very slim. He lives by himself and we have taken him in as one of our family members..... as he is only left with his sister who is married.

I said a prayer for him .... reminding myself that I will live in the moment. That I will not take my life for granted.

UPDATE : He has been officially proclaimed dead.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Teluk Gong .. Seafood ...yummy

I went out for dinner with a few friends from my previous hospital in HUKM.....they were my lecturers and now my good friends. We have been planning for this trip for a long long time and finally most of us are free this weekend to have seafood at Teluk Gong, Klang. We went to Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant. It was about 21 km from where I live. It was a huge restaurant.

Place: Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant
Location : Telok Gong Seafood Village
GPS Coordinate : N2 57.681 E101 23.826 Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant
Address : 702, Jalan Udang Galah, Kampong Teluk Gong, 42000 Port Klang, Selangor
Contact No :03-3134 1218
Business Hour :Daily 12pm to 9.30pm

The famous Fried Lala Mee Hoon ... we ordered 2 plates
Mantis prawns with egg
Erm what vegetable is this ??? It was yummy.
Steamed fish .....

The food was yummy ... they were prompt and even though the place was packed ... they never missed an order. The price was reasonable.

Most important the company was great .... it was great to catch up on what had been happening in each other's life. These are the precious times which I will treasure and look forward before I go back to my hectic life.

I will be on call tomorrow and hopefully ... it won't be too busy. I am looking forward to the weekend as I will be going to Langkawi for the MSA Scientific meeting ... a place where I will meet some old friends as well.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sorry sir .... you have to pay for your own parking

I was staying in this "5 STARS" Hotel in Bukit Bintang .... actually my friend managed to get it off Lelong for a measly amount as people were selling their free one night stay at the hotel. So we decided to hang out at Bukit Bintang and the best part was I was able to walk around in Low Yat for a few hours .... as most of the time I will go to Low Yat after work and will have to rush to get what I want and scoot off home. This time I was able to take my own sweet time and found most of the "little" things which I have been looking for ages. :) Of course I walked out of Low Yat with a hole in my wallet. I think I will have to fast for a few days now.

Well it was a fun and tiring day ... after dinner we went back to the hotel and parked my car in the basement and went to the service counter to claim for the car park ticket since we were guest at the hotel .... and we get this statement from the hotel clerk " Sorry sir ... hotel guests have to pay for their own car park." Duh !!!! What !!!!!! #$%@%#!$%!$#% Hey I even got free parking at Gurney Hotel in Penang and that was only a "3 STARS" hotel !!!!!! Anyway that will be the first and last time I will be staying in that hotel. It seems that they ARE CHARGING FOR EVERYTHING !!!! I thought I will have to pay like 10 bucks just to use the toilet in the lobby ... well thankfully the toilet was free. Anyway imagine my horror when I plugged in the LAN cable into my Macbook, thinking that I will be able to surf the net and download podcasts for my ipod ..... and update my blog .... surf the net ..... and here I am redirected to this "5 STARS" Hotel webpage stating that 1 hour costs RM 34 and 1 days costs RM 74 and the list goes on !!!!!!!! For crying out loud !!!! I got free internet access at Gurney Hotel in Penang !!!!!!!!

So go figure which hotel this is ... Starts with "W" and ends with "N" and it is opposite the Pavilion Shopping Mall.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Feeling better and barley water

Finally a bit better today. The purging is less now and I am forcing myself to drink more water. Though my tummy still feels a bit weird. Well since I had locked myself up for about 72 hours in my apartment .... I decided to go out for dinner today. I did not know that physically I was still weak..... I felt kinda dizzy as I walked to my car and drove to Tesco. Anyway I managed to reach Tesco in one piece. I had dinner at Esquire Kitchen and I ordered the set meal for RM 9.90 which consist of a herbal soup and rice with chicken in oyster sauce ... which was yummy. Finally I can taste something .... as the past few days ... everything tasted bland to me.

One of my friends suggested that I make some barley drink and I bought a packet of organic barley from Tesco. I have made this drink for myself before ... usually it was mom who made the barley drink. I had to google to figure out how to make it .... hopefully I get it right ... at least I can keep some chilled in the fridge and bring it to work tomorrow when I am on call.

The multi cooker my sister left behind for me. It can slow cook, boil, fry and steam.

Well as one of my dear friends sms me earlier today .... and she quoted this " During overseas, getting sick alone is the most heartbroken moment.." I know exactly what she meant and how she felt. I never felt so alone until I fell sick this time. It was the worst ever ... last time I will be up and around in a day or two. This time I was down for about 4 days !!!! It made me realized a few things .... what else is there to do besides watching TV, sleeping, purging, drinking water, groaning in pain and soul searching.

What I realized :
1. God must be the highest priority in my life ( I have been slacking )
2. Life is fragile
3. I am getting old !!!
4. I have been taking my health for granted
5. Time waits for no man
6. I need to do the things that I want to do before it is too late
7. I need to find my other half (at least if I collapse at home ... someone will know and call the ambulance)
8. I must save up to go traveling before arthritis set in (yes Las Montanas ... I will go myself if I have to :) )
9. I must not be afraid to venture into the unknown

I want to thank all those who had called, sms me, messaged me, left comments, sent me emails, offered to do my calls, ran my OT and did my pre med for me, etc .... I really appreciate it

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Still stuck at home

One of the worst thing is to be on leave and stuck at home ....... the diarrhoea is less now but still no appetite.... I had to force myself to drive lots of water.

I wish I was going places or doing things when I am off but here I am stuck in my apartment ... to0 tired and weak to go out. Hopefully I will be better tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Under the weather

I have not been feeling since the sore throat last week. Since yesterday I have been having diarrhoea and severe gastritis worsened with reflux oesophagitis. I lost count how many times I have gone to toilet. I was not able to sleep.

Anyway I still dragged myself to work today thinking that I will feel better and besides it is better to collapse in the hospital than at home since I am staying by myself. At least in the hospital, there will be people around.

I am glad that there were friends who were willing to do the cases in operating theater for me so that I can rest. I was still purging in the hospital. I did not know that I was so dehydrated ..... I was even too weak to open a bottle of 100 plus. One of the specialist decided to put me on intravenous drips ..... I did not know was looking so pale and dehydrated. After 2 bottles of iv drips I was feeling slightly better but still weak.

I went home to rest ..... still purging ... lost count how many times I have gone to the toilet. I was just thinking of having some porridge but I still feel really weak. Decided to sms my sister and I really thank God for her .... she came immediately to pick me up from my apartment and dragged me over to her place. She bought porridge for me and more isotonic drinks so that I can rehydrate.

I hope that I will get better by tomorrow as I will be on call on Friday. Do keep me in prayer... thanks alot

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Work and my life so far

I am on call today for 24 hours ..... been going around seeing my patients and croaking like a frog and hopefully it will be quiet later today. I have brought along my cough mixture and Strepsils (sugarfree). I have also brought some books to read and my PSP to keep my company when I am doing super long cases. And not forgetting my collection of CDs to be played when I am running the OT to keep me energized. Sometimes doing a little dance to a favorite song helps to make a day go faster.

I am glad to be where I am right now ... the head of department is very supportive and that helped me to decide on what I wanna do. Eventually I want to do something where I can be passionate about where I can use my strength and talents. Since age is catching up .... I want to eventually stop doing 24 hours calls and hope to work office hours. I have been thinking about hospital management or NIOSH (national institute of occupation safety and health) or maybe nuclear medicine or maybe Genetics study in Pathology or maybe Telemedicine. (Anyone got any offers or advice .. do email me :) Thanks ) Life is just too short and too precious. So many dear loved ones around me had been passing away ... making me realize that time is slipping away that I must be good steward of whatever time had been entrusted to me. So many places I want to go and thank God that He had provided a few friends who are willing to go traveling with me in the near future. I was thinking of going on my own ... backpacking and equipped with my dslr as a travel companion. It is always better to have another person around to talk to and also go places to and to share the cost. Life is full of surprises and lately I have been having some pleasant surprises that brightens up my day.

This has been on my mind for a long time and I was wondering how to write it up so that I will not offend anyone but instead to reach out to others letting them know that I accept them the way they are regardless of their sexual preferences ... because to me ... the person inside is more important to me. (Actually it was one of my friends who mentioned that I should one day write a post about this) There was a time where I would hang out with a bunch of friends had a different sexual preference. I did not judge them but instead I accepted them the way they are because I cared for the person inside even though I don't agree with their practices. Along the course of time, there might be misunderstandings or insecurities and in the end there was a "falling out" and there was a "deep silence" ... no explanation made, no communication ... and that was the time when it hurt the most because I really cared for them .... I did a lot of soul searching and I even questioned myself ... my beliefs, etc ..... but in the end it made me stronger. The silence is still there. But in the end I am finally moving on with my life. It made me open my eyes and realize that there are other friends around me who needed and cared for me. And I have made new friends now and I thank the ones who had come along the way to add some colours in my life. Thank you for the lessons learned.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Spring cleaning, laundry and ironing

Since my sister moved out .... my apartment had been a mess ...... I mean when we were staying together ... it was also messy but not so messy. Most of the time when I am back from work ... I just collapse watching TV or just hit the sack early ... well the mess keeps pilling up .... since the plumber will be coming over tomorrow to fix some leaking pipes in my apartment ... I better clear a path so that he wont get lost in my apartment.

I was supposed to go out for dinner with some friends tonight but I was just too zonked out and I am still not feeling well ... the sore throat hurts less but I still croak like a frog and I will be on call tomorrow and I will be helping out at the Basic Life Support course for the Post Basic staff nurses.

Ok guys ... have a great weekend

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


Speechless ..... kinda lost my voice today. I was still able to utter a few words yesterday when I was on call .... now all I can do is croak like a frog .... and it hurts like crazy. Will be on call again on Sat and will be helping at the Basic Life Support Course on Saturday for the staff nurses. Hope I get my voice back by then.