Saturday, 15 March 2008

On call

On call
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The hallways are so quiet.I am on call today.Hopefuly it will be a quiet day.Hoping to spend some time with my sister and brother in law tomorrow.


TZ said...

the hallway does not look like hospital... i noticed most of the hospitals have changed its image. Not just plain white color and light blue anymore... They are more colorful :->

Tracy said...

How's your day today? Is it a quiet on-call day?

Tracy said...
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fibrate said...

Welcome to the loneliest profession on Earth!

sbanboy said...

Yeah the hospitals are more colorful now

Yeah it was not too busy

Yeah ... it is a lonely profession ..... and I am thinking of changing jobs

Tracy said...

Cheer up and be full of courage! Though it's a lonely profession yet your service is very important. Anyway, if you find a better job that brings joy and satisfaction, hesitate not. But remember to think twice before any decision making. Pray hard lar. :)