Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Just another day in KL

Just another day in KL
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Just another day in busy jam KL.Meeting some friends from work for dinner at The Gardens.Just another 4km to go.Anyway my cds are entertaining me.Looking forward to going home this weekend to vote and also to spend time with family and friends.Ok guys have a great day.


day-dreamer said...

Hi there, take care there ya! ;)

Las montañas said...

I assume you driving an auto gear car? a manual would have been a killer in these jams!

TZ said...

Hey dude, one good method to avoid jam is to sign up a fitness center in downtown... hit the gym and go back later ;-)

One stone kill two birds... you will get a healthier and avoiding the jam.

Las montañas said...

hey tz, who knows but sbanboy might just get addicted to the gym and become a gym rat!