Monday, 17 March 2008

GGGRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another day at work and another one of those days where I am tested ... the air con had been down since yesterday and only today in the morning when we wanted to push the patients into the respective OT ..... we were informed that the air cond was not functioning well and that we have to wait for 1 to 1 1/2 half hours for the chillers to kick in !!!!!!! Apparently only in the morning the person in charge found out and took action. So here I am waiting and waiting and waiting. And I am trying to keep calm coz time is wasted. And also unfair to the patients if the case have to be canceled when there is not enough OT time. And I will be on call again tomorrow.

We are not able to proceed if the temp is not cold enough because of the risk of infections for the patients who will be getting implants like the spine surgery and the interlocking nails for the fractures.

Hope I will not finish too late today as I have made some plans for tonight. The word that I keep repeating in my mind over and over again ... is "Patience ... patience ... take a deep breath ... Patience"


Tracy said...

Was the case postponed? Enough OT time?

TZ said...

Waiting, Waiting and waiting is not my cup of tea... I'm the one that easily lost patience... :-p

Anyway, i hate to wait especially exam... LoL.

So, did you manage to get out from your office as expected?...

Anonymous said...

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