Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Jam jam jam!

Jam jam jam!
Originally uploaded by sbanboy

Daily jam.I leave my place at about 645am and I m still stuck near my place.haha.Maybe I should leave by 6am.To make the jams bearable I make sure I have my favorite cds with me.Praying while driving helps alot too.


doc said...

which is why i strongly feel you should relocate, esp. since you are still "mobile".

like maybe to batu pahat. well, not that i live there, but i hear the living is easy & traffic jams are non-existent. however, there's a particular hotel you should avoid - it's rumoured that they have secretly-installed cameras in certain rooms.

think about it, ok?

Las montañas said...

wow, didnt know jams start as early as 6.45AM! I guess we might have to evolve to become nocturnal creatures soon.

Best place to relocate? How about Kota Bharu?

TZ said...

Should voice out to ask govt improve infrastructure of Klang Valley :-> Keep relocate will be a good solution.

sbanboy said...

Relocate ah ??? Still thinking and praying about it