Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bapa yang kekal (Eternal Father)

BAPA YANG KEKAL: sung by Franky Sihombing

Kasih yang sempurna Perfect love
Telah, ku trima dari-Mu I have received from You
Bukan karna, kebaikan-ku Not because of my own goodness
Hanya, oleh kasih karunia-Mu Only because of your gift of love
Kau pulihkan aku You revived me
Layakkan-ku, tuk dapat memanggil-Mu Bapa Made me worthy to call You Father
Kau bri yang ku pinta You give what I ask
Saat ku mencari ku mendapatnya The moment I seek I find it
Ku ketuk pintu-Mu I knock at Your door
Dan Kau buka-kan And You open it
Kau-lah Bapa-ku, Bapa yang kekal You're my Father, my eternal Father
Tak kan Kau biarkan You never let me
Aku melangkah hanya sendirian Walk alone
Kau selalu ada, bagi-ku You're always with me
Kau-lah Bapa-ku, Bapa yang kekal.You're my Father, my eternal Father

(translation taken from this blog )

What I wanted to post initially was about how unfair life is ... about how lonely life is .... etc ... etc .... I guess you can figure out where I was heading. But as I was formulating about what to blog about ..... I was reminded about the church service I attended 2 weeks ago at a small SIB (Sidang Injil Borneo) church at Brickfields. It was a small church ... just about 50 members. It was the first Bahasa Malaysia service that I have attended but language was not a barrier when God wants to touch your life. The service was vibrant ... so full of life .... the faces up at the stage was sincere and so real ... worshipping Father God with all that were within them. They were not worried about singing in tune or whether the music was in the right key or beat .... they were there for one person and they sang for one person only ... the Saviour and Lover of their souls .. Jesus Christ. The dancers in front .... was oblivious to the people around them ... they danced for God alone.

And in this small church .... God once again reminded me again how it was to be filled by Him alone... to live for Him alone .... I was still trying to fit in here in this big city ... to find a sense of belonging and direction in my life ... there were lots of lonely days and silent tears ..... which He alone sees. He reminded me again that He is with me always. He is my eternal Father. That I will find Him when I seek Him ... He will not turn His back on me or slam the door on my face. And the tears kept flowing and the healing started again .... and once again I was oblivious to the people around me .... I was caught up in Him alone ... to love Him and to be loved by Him .... to give my all to Him alone my eternal Father who will never leave nor forsake me.

Now I remind myself to think of His goodness when I want to start wallowing in self pity.... when I start thinking about how unfair life is and how come it is so easy for others ... etc ... God is good all the time. Amen

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god is good all the time!