Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Pilates Burn ... how do you do that position ????!!!!!???

Thanks to Nick and Daily Muscle who had been my fitness consultants ... I decided to start exercising religiously from today onwards.   Actually my physician told me that I have to start losing weight or else ...... you get the picture .... erm ... so here I am .... all stiff with joint pains ... and I cant even touch my toes.  

I started with cycling on my stationary bicycle which was covered in dust and cobwebs .... strapped on my heart rate monitor and here I go pedaling away till glory come .... I mean I could only last 8 minutes ... still it was a good start for someone who had been sedentary for months.  I tried to maintain the heart rate 120-160 for my age.  Just 8 minutes and I was drenched with sweat .... it felt like my heart was gonna pop out my chest.  Tomorrow i will go for 10-15 minutes.  
Then I decided to some Pilates ... from Empowering Pilates. Little did I know that it was not as easy as it looks and erm ... later only I realized that this guy was teaching pilates to a bunch of teenagers and the video I was watching was targeted at teenagers .... and here I was....trying to put myself into the positions which was shown on the TV.  I think I pulled something ..... of course I was drenched in sweat again ... I did not even manage to complete the whole session.  Maybe I should look for a pilates video for beginners.  
Man .... how do u do that position !!!!???!!!!!!

Hours after the exercise session ... I am aching ALL over .... the back pain and knee pain is worst ...but I have a smile on my face ... coz I did it and it feels good ..... I will keep doing it until I can erm do that position .... :)


CP Waterman said...

Back in 1997, I lost 19kg ( 91 down to 72, I'm 5ft8) in 6 months through running. You are on to a very good start.
But DO NOT over exert at this stage, you'll get hurt & worse, injured!

Maintain only at 120 heart rate through out and slowly increase the time duration from 8 min to 30 min, increase by 5min the most each week. You will reach 30min after a month. (At 120 I think you can do longer than 8min to start, so you be your own judge you may want to start from 30min, but its no good for your young heart to hit 160 at this stage)

After a month you can then vary exertion say 10minn at 120, 10min at 140, then 5min down to 130 then push the final 5min at 160.

After 3 months, work at 130 and start from 30min to 60min, again increase by 5min each week.
You will begin to notice weight reduction after you go past 45min.

Having said all, you need to watch your calories intake as well. keeping below 1600 is ideal which means no second helping on food woh!!! Until you can do 90min to 120min.

Its fun to keep a record of your weight, waist, resting heart rate and see how you've progressed over time.

Join buckeye
& start a log there and join my team (waterman),I'll keep an eye on you.I can scream & shout!!!!

All the best & God bless!!!

Las montañas said...

you can also start with brisk walks around the neighbourhood. Stop hopping on the bike for nearby grocer y shopping.

Josh said...

Way to go Sbanboy! I think I need some exercise too. My body shape is changing slowly....

[danial][ma] said...

hej! around 3pm UK time i have successfully posted the i hope that it will arrive safely at your place: the contain are: a red manchester united T, a black teddy bear of newcastle united keychain, josh groban's cds (of course the lanun one la...and oso the ori one) and a postcard calender from barcelona...cheers!

TZ said...

Glad that you have started exercising... Keep up the good job buddy... :->

Start slow to protect from injured... otherwise it will not be a fun exercise anymore...

Have fun and enjoy your exercise eh!

p/s: I'm just being a little bit lazy in Penang for the past 1 week. Gotta get my butt and hit the gym today :-p