Sunday, 27 January 2008

Life so far ....

I just got up about an hour ago ..... was super zonked out today ..... attended one of my friend's wedding today at the church .... it was an Indian Christian Wedding ... and it was in St John's Church in KL. Thank God for the GPS or else I am sure I will not be able to find the church as it is smacked right in the middle of the city. A few wrong turns but the GPS kept pointing me to the right direction....... I guess life is like that ... there are many wrong turns, side tracks, stops ....but as long as we keep fixing our eyes on God and keep looking forward, we will eventually get to our destination. It was a good reminder to me .... and it is actually refreshing to slow down and take a breather and do what matters most to me now.

Today I received a sms from a close friend of mine who stated that I am actually more busy nowadays when compared to the time when I was still doing my masters. Come to think of it ... yes I am keeping myself busy. I am moving on with my life. I am taking up responsibilities in my department. I am helping out with the IT as in managing the computers and the audio visual stuffs in the department. I have also got myself involved in the Advanced Cardiac Life Support team where we will go train others in ACLS.... it is very exciting to gain and share knowledge. And we have training sessions nearly every month.

I am actually packing my stuffs and getting ready to go back to Seremban .... gonna take a slow drive and be home with my family.

Have a great weekend guys

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2l2m said...

The more we give....the more we get :) Glad to know that u been active keeping urself occupied :)

Have a great weeknd...