Saturday, 12 January 2008

Half boiled eggs !!!! Yummy

I am hooked on half boiled eggs !!!! Just recently I realized how to make it.  Well what to do .... sister is not around ... need to find ways to feed myself.  I used to have half boiled eggs when I was a kid ... mom used to make it for us before we took the bus to school.  It had been ages since I had the eggs.  

Thanks to one of my friends .... who ordered half boiled eggs at Uncle Lim's ...... I tried some ... and voila .... I got hooked on it.  I went searching for the device to make the half boiled eggs and I found it in Mydin .... so happy......Anyway I am limiting myself to once to twice a week and I usually throw the yolk if it is too cooked :)  It is yummy with soy sauce and pepper and goes well with toasted bread :)


Anonymous said...

Glad that u found this. Simple but great invention, it sure make perfect half-boil egg.

No more over or under boil egg.

CP Waterman said...

No thanks to the bird flu thingy that makes people worry about taking eggs not completely cooked.

I love them with toasts too but haven't had any since the bird... sigh!

Honestly is there any truth about uncook eggs may carry the deadly virus? I wanna get back to half boil!

Josh said...

They're tasty alright. But make sure the eggs that you used are fresh ones. Bacteria tends to invade eggs when we store them for too long.

fibrate said...

Well, it's the best food ever invented!

sbanboy said...

Yeah ... it was such a an easy device to use :)

cp waterman
Yeah the bird flu thingy is a concern .... so I only have it once a while.

Thanks for the tip ... :)

Agree !!!! :)