Friday, 7 December 2007

PC FAIR ... Here I come !!!!!!!!!!

Since I started working .... I had always missed all the PC Fairs !!!! Well I am not missing it today since I am not working..... Now cracking my head how to get there... I dont want to drive ... so I guess I will end up taking the commuter train and I had downloaded the maps to figure it out.


Jimbo said...

can help me buy something? I text u.

TZ said...

I was @ KLCC this morning for Pilate class. No wonder so many people heading to KLCC.

day-dreamer said...

Sad that I have no choice but to miss this PC fair. When can I get my mp3 player???? T_T

lynnx01 said...

I need memory card and router......... argh!

Yan said...

Hey, let me know the dates? Will be in KL next week. I would love to drop by for some bargain buy!


sbanboy said...

already bought

It was packed and it gave me a terrible headache

day dreamer
MP3 player can buy anywhere mah ?

Still got today and tomorrow

I think u will miss it as it is till tomorrow.