Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Lunch with Joshua

Meet up with Joshua for lunch last Friday. And it finally nice to meet up with him.  
I had rice with chickens and eggs for lunch while Joshua had some mee soup.  We were sharing about our faith in God and I thank God for giving me another brother in Christ.  It was like a common ground for both of us.
The photographer in action

He will do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.
Some of my shots.  It had been ages since I used my Canon 350D and it was nice to be start taking pictures again with a fellow photographer.

Our bags with our precious camera equipment.
The beautiful friendly faces of the girls of Malaysia :)

I had a great time with Joshua.  I thank God for bringing new friends into my life.   People come and go ... and I treasure those who stayed... and I am learning to let go of those who never meant to be.


Josh said...

Aiyo... My expanding tummy so obvious laa.. hehe..
I enjoyed the time together too.

fibrate said...

Nice shots of the bamboos!

Jellyfish said...

tarak ajak me to shoot :P

sbanboy said...

Hey I had a great time too :)

Thanks alot ... been ages since I took out my dslr

Just give me a buzz :)