Wednesday, 5 December 2007

I bought myself a juicer

I finally bought myself a juicer.... to make fruit and vege juices.  I have been reading about the benefits of having a juice fast regularly to detoxify and for overall health benefits.   I bought the Moulinex Juicer which is on offer at Parkson.   

The first juice I made was mixed orange and apple juice with no sugar added and it was yummy ..... I plan to try out more juice recipes.

I managed to get this list of juice recipes from the lady whom I bought the juicer from .... do check it out ... you can just download the image and print it out ... I plan to try them out.  Do share more recipes if you have any.


L B said...

One of my fave is cucumber and carrot!!!

Josh said...

Cucumber and Lime is my favourite.

Hm.. the beginning of healthy life-style.

Yan said...

I have been taking this -

celery + bitter gourd + red carrot + cucumber + potato + green apple

celery, bitter gourd, red carrot and cucumber of a small piece, while one small potato and one green apple.

Try that.

fibrate said...

Try orange and carrot!

TZ said...

How easy is the cleaning up process for the juicer... I'm looking for one which is easy to clean.

I'm looking for one as my mom would like to do some fresh vege and fruit juice too. Let me know how do you feel of using you newly purchased food juicer.

Shah said...

1 banana, 4 heaped spoons of Milo & cold fresh milk makes the best tasting healthy milkshake.

Las montañas said...

Thats nice. A blender is good too.. because you can blend fruit, protein powders, lowfat milk, ice chips.. the result? A delicious nutritious shake!

winniethepooh said...

i like the drinking but i dun like the washing hahaha :P

carrot, orange yup, taste good

day-dreamer said...

Try ABO juice! :D

Dr Benesan :P said...

To avoid excessive clean up, use an old plastic bag to line the inside of the fibre/waste "tub", so all you gotta do is throw the waste out (or better still make compost out of it)

carcar said...

argh.. u beat me on this. i plan to buy a juicer too... but i knw im surely 'hangat hangat tahi ayam'...

thats why i put the plan on hold...

is really good to have fresh juice at home, i think i must go buy one soon!~ hehe...

sbanboy said...

Cool .. I will try it out :)

Yup new changes in my life

Will try it after I get the vege ... thanks :)

Will definitely try it ... I like orange and apple

I think the cleaning process is the same for all juicers .... I like this one coz u dont have to cut up the fruits ... it has a large inlet where u can put in a whole apple etc just like that ....:)

And right this model is on offer in Parkson with 10% off

Wah ... sounds yummy

las montanas
Planning to the extra blender from my mom :) Can make smoothies also

Yeah I dont like the washing part too

day dreamer
Wah you own secret recipe ah ????

dr benesan
Hey lining it with a plastic bag is a GREAT TIP !!!!

You wont regret buying one ... it is a great investment