Sunday, 2 December 2007

Dinner ... and my favorite desert

I have been trying to catch up with friends last week.  I have been putting my life on hold for too long already.

There are some friends who will remain the same even though u had not met for ages but when you meet up again ... it is like old times ... and there are friends which are just superficial friends .. hi and bye.. like touch n go.   There are also friendships which just wont work out .... like a one way street.  And over the years I am learning to distinguish the different type of friendships that I will encounter.   I stopped trying to figure out those which just dont work out.  

By anyway ... I met up with a good friend of mine for dinner.  I forgot to snap pictures of the dinner we had at the noodle house.

One of my favorite dessert .... tau foo fah .... bean curd
My friend ... another Mac user :)

*pictures taken with SE K810i

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Las montañas said...

love soy bean drinks and products! but too much is supposedly not good for men.