Monday, 10 December 2007

2 weddings and a play

This morning I had to drive back to Seremban to attend 2 weddings - lunch and dinner. The migraine attack is now bearable as I had to miss one of my friend's wedding last Friday.  The migraine attack was really bad last friday ..... felt like someone was using a hammer on the left side of my head ... all I could do was just lie down ... pop in panadol .... and rest .... and pray that it will go away.  I also had no appetite ... just had juice and biscuits for dinner.

At least I did not get asked any questions about when I was getting married during this lunch wedding.  As usual it started late... and ended late.  I immediately took a short nap so that I wont worsen the migraine.  

I just found out that the 2nd wedding was at the SAME restaurant ...... and it also started late and the menu was the same as the menu during lunch.  I did not stay long for the 2nd wedding as I had to be in church by 9 am for the Christmas play practice.
This year I will be taking part in the Christmas play .... thank to Kok Hon who found a role for me .... I play a doctor ....hehe...
The practice was done at the church and soon it will be Christmas.  I was very impressed with the story line and the people who took part really took their roles seriously.
The girl who will be singing a song in Malay .... she has a beautiful voice.

It is always encouraging to see children taking part in the play and this year .... we have quite a number of kids involved.

So for anyone staying in Seremban during Christmas .... do drop by Alson Kelana Hotel on 25th Dec at 930 am and join us for Christmas Celebration and come and enjoy the play.  We can go for lunch later :)


Kok Hon said...

Wah so fast blog it up ady kah?

day-dreamer said...

Whoa~ two wedding in a day at the same restaurant eating the same dishes? That sounded hectic enough for me! Hahaha.

Anyway, doesn't it suck to have people asking you when is your turn at someone else's wedding? :D

wahdi said...

Hi Wymen, was that u last few nights at the kopitiam??
u nampak kurus lorr! cannot recognized u ;)

friend said...

if ur migraine keeps on bugging u, why don't u try prophylaxis? u can try propranolol 10-40mg tds. helps to reduce attack frequency after a few weeks taking it. God bless

Josh said...

Doc, you're in the play? cool! don't forget to ask someone to snap pic while you're on stage. Must show on this blog ya!

sbanboy said...

kok hon
Yeah loh ... fast fast mah

day dreamer
I am getting used to that "question" now .... :)

Got see me meh ?

Thanks for the tip ... am trying Arcoxia now

Come attend our Christmas play and you can help to take pictures :)