Friday, 30 November 2007

Unveiling of iMac in church

My church purchased an iMac for the video and music editing ..... apparently Kok Hon managed to convert some people into Mac users ...hehe ....

Now for the unveiling of iMac !!!!!!
Secretly concealed within the plain brown box is a Leopard waiting to leap out !!
Now the "true" retail packaging ... the brown box was to camouflage it 
More angles of the box 
Opening the box 
The all in the one monitor on the desk ... back view
Front view
Slow and steady now ... 
iMac booting up .... 
Kok Hon could not stop drooling as he fondled the slim keyboard and the smooth well endowed mighty mouse
Little Panther G4 Titanium ibook with Big brother Leopard Intel Duo 2 Core iMac ..


So now you what to get for me for Christmas or my birthday or for any occasions at all :)

*Pictures taken with SE K810i


L B said...

Hahaha.. The iMac is just so awesome, together with the slim keyboards, but even better with wireless keyboard AND wireless mouse!!!

Josh said...

I want one oso. Erm, as my christmas present perhaps, sbanboy? hehe

lynnx01 said...

Waiseh, so cool!

Kok Hon said...

Cheh...shouldn't have touched the iMac. It makes me think my PowerBook is superslow now.

narrowband said...

Wah lau eh your church super high-tech leh. I've seen how the Mac performs and I love it alot. Sadly I don't have the budget to get one :(. Maybe someday I'll convert to Mac too!

TZ said...

I want one too... don't know will Santa send me one iMAC for being a good boy in Year 2007... :->