Monday, 26 November 2007

More pictures of the bride and bridegroom

Since it was my own sister's wedding ... I took the opportunity to take any many pictures as my memory cards can hold ...hehe... on the day of the wedding ... most of us were up by 6 am.  The make up artist came at about 7 am and started applying make up and I took the opportunity to snap some photos.

The bride
The bridegroom
They look so happy together :)
Looking into the future ..... 

As of now ... they had already checked into the Bali Hotel.... I am wishing them a great honey moon.

Since I am free these few days ... need to settle some stuffs as I will be transferred back to GHKL.... I wanna learn how to do some photoshop thingy.  I bought a book by Scott Kelby on Photoshop CS2 excellent book.

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lynnx01 said...

Let me guess.. your sis had braces before? :) She looks younger here compared to the first photo you put in the previous post.